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  1. And if you're an employee, that sucks. But if you're somebody with a baby that needs formula or sombody that needs a prescription filled or whatever it sure is nice to see the lights on when you get to the parking lot.
  2. I guess for me it would depend on what the company is.
  3. They aren't suing the promoters, at least not according to the article. They are suing the venue. Not the same thing.
  4. I saw the same: big piles of split wood and a sign "Hickory" Exactly where the above said he is.
  5. So has it been a new group handling our local corner paper sales and doing them out of this differnt location? They used to get the papers from a different location that's why I'm wondering. Sounds like a screw up on somebody's part ... hope to see somebody back with them soon.
  6. I like how the whole Kennesaw thing keeps being ignored by the foks against everyone having guns. As for the "wild west" argument, that had to change because everyone was deciding right from wrong on their own. People of today have very real consequences for making bad decisions for their choicews when it comes to their choices when it comes to the use of their firearms. Just because they have one doesn't mean they can use it without respect for the law. The right to carry does not grant the right to use willy nilly. I don't realistically think that everyone everywhere should have
  7. I've gotten pretty slow in my middle age.
  8. When did you leave there and were you afraid of the legal gun owners?
  9. That's not where they say they go to get their papers.
  10. 10"??? Crap, hadn't heard that one yet. Between that and it possibly ending in ice no wonder folks are getting worked up.
  11. Hey zoo, do you figure the folks in Kennesaw are too terrified to go out?
  12. Beware of bad smells ... they never end in good things. (Not at Attic but there have been bodies found in these auctions.)
  13. Almost cool enough for perfect camping weather.
  14. If you have a scout in your family ... Bert Adams. There's a nice state park in Crawfordville ... something-or-other Stephens Park, I believe. Small and pretty.
  15. I've seen a few roadkill rattlesnakes in SW Paulding ... and one live one. Believe they were all timber but one could have been eastern diamondback. Cottonmouths absolutely are "this far north" ... Also found this ...
  16. I've had my feeders out for a while now and haven't seen any yet.
  17. Get one that requires a PIN to use it.
  18. If somebody wanted to split a spot and sell my stuff for me, I'd cover the booth fee. I could help set up and break down, too.
  19. My head hurt after watching that train wreck video. And there are many more out there. Who would have thought there was anyone out there that could make Cynthia McKinney seem almost normal?
  20. Now we have a problem ... I just found out my little one has a dance recital that day and I was hoping you'd put some of my stuff in your booth.
  21. And in other news ... water is wet and the sky is blue. Did anybody really not already know he was gay?
  22. Congrats to the winner and a big thanks to southernscarlett for the chance.
  23. New Georgia library has a copy of it.
  24. What if the kid needs a way to make contact with parents or whoever between leaving school and getting home/in the house?
  25. That stuff makes me crazy ... a C when they are trying is one thing. A C when they aren't giving it their best is a different matter.
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