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  1. I did miss that is was just refusing treatment ... I know of a couple of people who not only refused treatment but had caring medical providers who helped them comfortably pass.
  2. And yet you don't consider it selfish of you to want them to go through the pain and the suffering?
  3. I do not consider it suicide by the standard definition. (Of course it technically is, because it is someone taking their own life.) I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is a personal choice and it is pretty sad, in my opinion, that we can offer it to our pets yet not to ourselves.
  4. I couldn't live in South Georgia or Florida ... too flat and too hot. That was sure helpful, eh?
  5. I was very pleasantly surprised by the last sale ... hope this one is as good, or better.
  6. 3/20 is the date of the Fallen Officer 5k ... fund raiser for Cobb Honor Guard/"Freddie" Norman family for the trip to DC this year.
  7. 101 runs from Goldmine down to villa rica ... past "old" scott's ... past rose's ... past union elementary ... etc.
  8. Traffic flows in so many directions right there (and near there) that it's really surprising there aren't more wrecks there.
  9. Keep your ears open, parents and teachers. If you hear kids talking about K2, it is probably not the mountain or the skis being discussed.
  10. Might be easier to say what won't be there. Furniture, household appliances, housewares, clothing, toys, music, movies, collectibles, tools, craft stuff ... all kinds of stuff.
  11. I'm hoping for sooner rather than later ... I've got all kinds of stuff I want/need out of here.
  12. Are you busy webelos woods weekend? (I actually meant this to be a PM conversation ... oh well. )
  13. When are we going to try to do that yard sale thingy-ma-bob?
  14. I think they made the government offices/courts call too early. I was assuming, like many, that it meant our schools would be delayed. From what I can see in my neighborhood, the school board got it right.
  15. If it ends in a net positive, who cares? From your own link, Houston RMH brings in $8,000 per year. Even if they spend half of that (which I doubt) to run the program, doesn't the rest help? As the old saying goes ... every little bit helps. Absolutely ... recycle the entire can. Splitting the can and the tab between two things is totally fine. There are fund raising can collection points in a number of places in this county. (My son's scout pack/troop has one.) So you could recycle and support things in your community at the same time. Save your tabs for RMH and toss the remaind
  16. But the reality is, folks are more likely to do the tabs. I'm certainly not suggesting they are the road to riches for the charities that do them but they obviously work for them or they wouldn't keep the programs going.
  17. It's real, it's legitimate. The reason for doing to tabs is that they take up so much less space than whole cans and are easier to manage. (Not to mention much cleaner to deal with.)
  18. I wonder how many people will be confused by the county government going in late and think the schools are late opening, too?
  19. Before anyone starts talking about eating anyone else, I'm out of here. Nighty-night, all.
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