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  1. she said she would give a prize for helping out
  2. anyone interested in doing a practice interview with my recruiter? I am a new mary kay consultant. you only have to listen and give pointer for me you don't have to sell.
  3. is there a live stream or comcast channel that is showing the cristmas parade today?
  4. ive been playing sense it launched and quit for about a year and back now i first started on arthas server and now at uther but not sure if im staying on uther lol
  5. my mom just called me and told me her neighbor told her they seen on the news last night that there is a suspicious red truck following school bus's around in paulding anyone have info on this?
  6. lol i though it was going to be about your first first also been together 13 years but been married 5 years
  7. wished i can go to store for milk and bread i dont have any hubby has truck
  8. feels better now that they changed the time now to go calm down my blood was boiling
  9. sara ragsdale elem on there site says 10:30 and middle and high school 11:30
  10. i don't think they want to make up much time they want the kids in school for as long as they can have them. they are already keeping them from April till the end of year a extra 15 min to make up from last snow days. i think its ridiculous i think they need to think more of the kids safety and send home earlier than what they do even if it get bad or not.
  11. i dont think they will call school to be let out early and i really hope they dont do like last time i got a call last time asking me how they would get home on a bad weather release. im already concerned the flakes are getting bigger and falling even harder and i have no vehicle hubby has it
  12. my back porch is covered now can barely see the wood. ground covered as well but not staying on road if you going out this morning be safe
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