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  1. Question for you ... since the census is constitutionally mandated so not doing it isn't an option, how would you go about doing it for this year that would save taxpayer money? (Other than making TV commercials that are actually good and not doing the free promotional stuff.)
  2. No question, the TV spots are horrible.
  3. It would be interesting to see. Wouldn't change a thing about the money being spent this year as that budget/money was determined a long time ago. It might help to either soothe or further irritate the masses, though. If the door-to-door data collections cost more than the ads, the campaigns are worth it. Of course if more people would just send the stupid things back it would cut down on costs, too. Those of you that think you're making a stand by intentionally not sending it back ... thanks for wasting my money. And there it is folks ... just send the flippin' thin
  4. Gotcha. Do you have any information on the cost per percentage point for the door-to-door data collectors?
  5. I'm confused ... you say that we used to do it without the ads and then post detailed information of the advertising done for the 2000 census.
  6. I really don't have a big issue with the mailings ... the promo stuff that they are apparently giving out is a bit ridiculous, though.
  7. Georgia also has (or had) a victims of crimes fund that pays out a certain amount to victim who file.
  8. The most common course of action seems to be your insurance would cover it and then go after the other party's insurance to recover the costs.
  9. The Superbowl ad could have been a good way to reach folks except that it was a horrible ad. The free promotional materials ... are they kidding? One of the problems with Government, particularly at the federal level, it is virtually impossible to return unused money. Part of it comes from the "if we don't use it all, they'll cut our budget next time" mindset and part of it comes from a very real inability to determine what to do with leftover funds. Yet another item that I would love to see addressed within our governments.
  10. As mentioned in the other thread ... there is a group looking to have "sugary drinks" taxed because of their "link to obesity."
  11. I know folks who buy online and save a lot of money. They are in other states, though.
  12. They typically meet one evening per week ... he can join any time during the year though the big push is usually at the beginning of the school year ... the number/frequency of trips will depend in large part on the pack/troop he joins ... it really is a wonderful program.
  13. I'm beginning to think there is a plot to push the American people just to see how much we'll take before we rebel.
  14. Assuming 15 mpg and gas prices at $3/gallon and playing with a 90 mile round (which is high for Paulding) ... 6 gallons x $3 = $18. 1 carton of smokes is 20 packs so that would be $20 not paid to GA. The question is, what is the tax/price in Alamaba? Where is the break even/profit point?
  15. The first link showed the highest taxing states in the union. Most of the states above Georgia are D states. That was the point of the first link. Funny you mention the fat tax ... there are many calling for a tax on "sugary drinks" because of their role in obesity.
  16. Psst ... Link 1 Link 2 I see a lot of blue higher up that list.
  17. I have long said that any elected official could practically guarantee their re-election by taking voluntary actions to show that they get what is going on. Take "furlough" days, give up some of their extras, etc.
  18. That may be an option for some folks but not a realistic one for most of the state. Are there any restrictions on internet cigarette purchases for Georgia? I know folks in other states who order their smokes from online smoke shops and pay a lot less for them.
  19. Georgia smokers beware: Big cigarette tax increase may be on the way More than 100 anti-smoking advocates and health care workers rallied at the state Capitol calling for a $1-per-pack increase in the state tax on cigarettes, saying it would help close a growing budget shortfall... link to full article
  20. Think of the hit the cafeteria staffs will take. Ouch.
  21. I didn't say that I want them taken away. I just said that if our education systems are having to start trimming fat, they should look there before doing some of the other things first. I do agree with workingforaliving on the NCLB stuff. She's also right that the lower income employees in the schools are likely to take the hardest hits. Simply put, the situation is ugly and painful choices do have to be made. I'm glad I'm not the one making them because no matter what, there will be people who are unhappy with them.
  22. Football is usually the only school sport that makes money ... now that is generally speaking. There are always exceptions. That's a tough one for me. I have feelings on both sides.
  23. I didn't name anyone for a reason ... I don't recall who all it was.
  24. Yep, those are the ones.
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