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  1. Can anyone recommend a computer repair person or company? Thanks in advance.
  2. What about the little log cabin at Picketts mill where Robert Duvall made the Movie Get Low?
  3. Praying that God will give your family comfort in every way. God Bless.
  4. You are right. The truth hurts sometimes. :lol: Did you tell him that you can't help but to watch it when it sticks out so far.
  5. They did ours also and made the car a lot cooler. Cut down on running the air and that in turn saves you gas. They do a great job and treat you like family.
  6. I guess I am called a redneck because of the way that I talk . I am from the country and can't speak the correct language according to man. I hope that I am a good redneck and treat all people with respect.
  7. Merry Christmas Postman. We have missed you. Glad you are back and doing so good.Hope you have the best Christmas ever. :good:
  8. LPPT our prayers are with you. Hope you feel better soon.
  9. I say it is my business what I give the mail person . All of the other federal government don't mind taking my money so why should the mail man be any different? :rofl: The only thing with the mail man I give it because I want to not because I have to. :lol:
  10. We always give our two mail carriesand two garbage men and the lady at the bank money for Christmas. We do it because we want them to know that the job that they do is as important as any other job and we appreciate the job that they do. Knowing that you care means as much as the money. The mail carries and garbage people work out in all kinds of weather and do a great job. The lady at the bank helps me with all of my mistakes that I make with my account. So we think that if you show people that you thank them for the job that they do they will try even harder to do a better job for you.Just o
  11. Lppt I don't think that this is funny. My daughter lost about three hours of work because of this. All people don't have a computer and the tv said that the Paulding County schools would be two hours late starting. So my daughter waited the two hours and drove my grandson to school and was told after she arrived at school that there was no school today. On the way back she got the call on her phone that school was called off today. Make all of the excuses that you want for the school board but common sense should have told everyone last night that school should have been called off today. Los
  12. I just can't eat in bed. Because it is so hard to try to scoop the gravy off of the mattress with a regular spoon. Also when I try to cut the meat I always cut the blanket up with the meat. Tried eating marshmellows in bed and the pillows came up missing. Only good thing about eating in bed is the electric blanket keeps the coffee hot. :rofl:
  13. I went to see Miss Jessie at her house today and she said to tell all of her friends on P. Com MERRY CHRISTMAS and she loves all of you. Said she is doing good. She was still praising the Lord when I left . Just made my day and my Christmas. She now has a little dog that lives with her to keep her company. So if you see Miss Jessie out preaching the gospel on 278 blow your horn and give her a wave. Doesn't cost us anything to be nice and show love for others. How many of us would do what she does in all kinds of weather for what we believe is right. May God Bless Miss Jessie and watch over her
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