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  1. I believe the law says it's only ok if they text and drive. I am not 100% on this but I'm pretty sure that law doesn't clear an officer if they hit and kill someone while texting.
  2. And ex's but I think you have to drop them a little higher.
  3. Some folks need to worry about their own "on line appearance" before they start bashing the physical appearance of a 90 ish year old man. What an embarrassment.
  4. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: As long as Gay marriage is a topic at hand, he will always be lurking around whether under his screen name or another person's. "cheers" . Well, off to a field trip with the crew. Going to the Atlanta Zoo.......hmmmmm. How ironic.
  5. May I take your order? Yeah, that isn't going to happen. Show me one kid who wouldn't respond with wide eyes, an open mouth, or a stand off look and I'll show you a blind kid. Heck, most adults would be the same way and rightfully so. this isn't normal.
  6. In 2008, I spent $49.14 to fill up my truck. In 2013, I now spend $93.34. So, if a gas station reports that retail sales are double what they were in '08, that's supposed to be a good thing? You would think someone would be dizzy by now with all this ridiculous spin.
  7. Does your advice come with a number for a divorce attorney? You've missed the boat on everything pertaining to this matter. Seems her mom doesn't understand boundaries and seems Candy doesn't remember who she married. If she prefers to back her mom, then she needs to move back in with her. Sheez! Here's some great advice from MrNN that you can learn from. I actually like my MIL but don't think I could stand her in my house for 3 weeks. As far as your husband complaining to you, well, it's your mom and you're the conduit to carry his gripes to her. The fact he's not going straight t
  8. Why should he leave? You didn't answer my question.
  9. Common sense would lead you to the conclusion: NO!
  10. Why should he leave? He's not trying to change the constitution.
  11. Are there any Americans who really care what a Canadian thinks about our laws?
  12. I'm sure there is a little brother or sister out there that has written a letter blaming a car for the death of their sibling. Where's the push to ban them? No disrespect to anyone involved in the CT shooting but there has to be some rational thinking here. If you think this could have been avoided if certain guns were illegal, you need help.
  13. Some of you think everyone thinks it is the teachers. It's not about them. The system needs changing so they can be the best they can be. Right now, the system restricts many of them from doing their job.
  14. We dont need charter schools competing for our tax dollars. Our public schools are constantly scoring students in the top 5 nationally. Wait a minute, I think I have been reading these charts.........yep..........upside down. What? Our schools have consistently been in the lower 8% of the nation!? Wow, and we have "teachers" who are proud of this here on pcom? And there yelling me I should spend time in a classroom to understand better? Hahahaha!
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