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  1. You guys should watch this guy. http://conservative50.com/blog/why-the-democrats-are-the-party-of-slavery-and-victimization-zonation/
  2. Correct. Her son was drunk, and started shooting his gun.
  3. It was the home of my 87 year old grandmother-n-law and Krwills Mother. Thank god she was not home. Krwills ask that you please pray for our family.. She is taking care of her mom and will post when she can..
  4. in the area of 2636 mulberry rock road. What is going on.. Swat and police are out there everywhere.. Anyone know whats going on.
  5. We don't eat there or the Mexican restaurant next to Kroger on 61/278..
  6. Someone said a Waffle House was being build there.
  7. my next washer will be old fashion washer with the high agitator.. I have had front loader, NEVER again.. I have a top load that has the low agitator, it does not get close clean and when it goes out, I will never have one again... Only old fashion washer for me from here on out..
  8. OMG I went to school with her, this is so sad. Anyone know what happen. Prayers to the family. So sorry..
  9. Awe, I was hoping for maybe a Chick-Fla or Starbucks. There is a waffle house next to Kroger, why do we need one on every corner.. 0o..
  10. i have not seen it, but i did see Lucy, Then ending leaves you saying HUH?? It was not a good movie.. My husband and I Love Sci-Fi movies as well.
  11. Pasta Salad 1 head of broccoli 1 large tomato 1 package of romaine lettuce ½ purple (red/purple) onion Feta cheese Parmesan cheese (what ever looks good to you ) 16 oz bag shredded Italian blend cheese 1 large carrot shredded 1 16 oz box of cooked spiral noodles ( i used vegi ones) Zesty Italian dressing as desired Black olives as desired ½ bell pepper 1 cup diced cucumber
  12. my thermostat is messed up as well. it keeps turning on my heat.. ><
  13. i am in union / rose's store area, my house went from 60,800 to 92,650.. mine almost doubled..
  14. I have never been called. I think it would be fun. I have lived in paulding county my whole life. I will be 40 this year. so that is 20+ years of never being called.
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