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  1. If you can wait ... Fall Ball is much more laid back (and less expensive) and sign up starts at the end of the summer.
  2. I read about the earlier ... amazing to me that people are jumping all over Wal Mart for an announcement that was very likely not made by an employee.
  3. So that brings another possible aspect to it. He may be investigating for DFACS. He sucks at being discreet ... but he may well be checking up on some things related to that. Does that family have any older kids?
  4. Are you talking about Harry's? No clue when they'll open but I have a phone number for them. ETA ... this web page says they are open in April. Link
  5. There are tons of unscented deodorants, etc. on the market. They be be stink free and still be stink free. I am sick to death of choking on the stench of somebody's cologne, perfume, body spray, whatever else. They are doing this as a response to a successful lawsuit. Makes sense to me. Just hope it stays a matter for the workplace to determine and doesn't become some idiot's idea of a good new law.
  6. Those "Fire Safe Cigarettes" are all that you can get in Georgia, legally. Many (if not most) of the cigarette manufacturers make only FSCs now because it's easier to switch them all over than to try to keep up with which states can have non-FSCs.
  7. So who all wants to go in on some? If we could get 4 of us, we'd each get 42 biscuits for $10.69 ... about 25 cents a biscuit.
  8. I suppose it could be one of the Angel Food Ministries locations. They are open to everyone.
  9. People's concerns do not always equal LE concerns. I hope certainly hope the neighbors have asked LE to come check it out before they called the news to come out. If LE has spoken with the man and the feel there is nothing to be concerned over, they would not issue a Nixle. If the neighbors called the news before having LE investigate, well... I can't think of a nice way of putting what I'm thinking so I'll just leave it at that. Of course it is possible that LE has been called and not had a chance to talk with the guy yet.
  10. I'm sure that if the SO believes there is reason to be concerned, they will issue a Nixle.
  11. So that rules out the person leaving the neighborhood and getting stuck but it still isn't illegal. Is anybody actually sure that it is the same guy that was raising suspicion in New Hope?
  12. Hopefully he can be deterred. There isn't much else that can be done because, no matter how creepy, he does have rights. Maybe knowing that folks are watching will keep him from trying anything. Or better yet, with enough folks watching he may be caught at something "not so bad" that is actionable. Has he been following the buses in the morning or in the afternoon?
  13. Based on the information given, what law has he broken? Creepy? Yes. Needs to be watched? Yes. But no crime has yet been reported.
  14. Anyone getting the standard form and whining about it asking for too much information is, in my opinion, whining over nothing. Anyone choosing to ignore the form or not providing all of the information, thanks for wasting my money ...
  15. Good luck get the state constitution amended.
  16. Never owned a pool but I've spent much time in them ... if the day comes that I do buy a pool, it will be salt water. No question about it. My father and step-mother are considering switching their chlorine pool over to salt.
  17. Who told you that? Somebody who would honestly and truly know, first hand? Or somebody who heard it from somebody?
  18. There are always a bunch of cops in my neighborhood, too. They all live here, though.
  19. You and I (and many others) know what we must do but we also know that there are many out there who seem to lose their memory of the whole census thing over the course of 10 years and there are those who were too young to pay attention last time and there are those who live to make things more difficult. It is those people that make the need for a lot of this silliness, bless their hearts.
  20. The "warning" mailer is another way of reaching many people who do not get hit with the TV ads. And the way a lot of people operate, having the written notice come a few days before the actual "event" is a highly effective tool.
  21. There are some houses over here, too.
  22. Is it about this? --------> click me
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