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    I am a happily married mom and wife. I have a son that is in the Navy as a Nuclear Engineer, a daughter that attends Hiram Elementary, and a step daughter that lives in another state.
    My hubby and I have been together almost 13 years.
  1. We used Advanced Fencing Solutions last April and have been Very pleased.
  2. Is Hiram at home or away this week? Funny how times change....2 years ago, I knew every game without a doubt.
  3. Will you be open this weekend for donations?
  4. Which is better ....Comcast cable and internet, Direct TV with AT&T internet, or Dish 1000 + with their internet provider? We are looking at leaving Comcast and are just not sure if our other 2 choices are really any better. Right now, we know the evil that we have to deal with and don't want to end up cutting our nose off to spite our faces. We have been told that we are at the end of the line with the cable and have to have amplifiers in our home in order to get any kind of decent cable tv or internet service. I've been told by others that there is no such thing as being at
  5. If it does snow, at least the kids and teachers in PC will not have to worry about making up the missed days . Just another reason we need to keep our Sept and Feb breaks.
  6. Hubby and I want to fence in the better part of our 3/4 acre lot, which is actually the backyard, and we are looking for a dependable company to come give us an estimate on how much it will cost us to pay someone to do this. We'd like to use someone local and support the small businessman. We live in Hiram. Who do you recommend?
  7. After I read this earlier today we went there for breakfast. I was VERY impressed. If a place does not offer pancakes, but does offer gravy biscuits, then that is my test of what I think of it. I'm Very picky about the amount of pepper in my gravy. This place has it just perfect...IMO. Both hubby and the princess ate all of their food as well. I was paying close attention as to how long it was taking to get our food. Even that was not bad and we later found out that they were down 2 cooks this morning. We will be back, but the next thing I want to try is their lunch menu...calzones or
  8. Where can I find someone local to notarize my son's Power Of Attorney ? We need to get it done before he leaves on Sat morning. Thanks.
  9. Thanks everyone. Hubby and I will likely be checking these out in the next few weeks. I'd like to get to one of them before Sailor Son leaves to go back from his Christmas leave.
  10. Where is a good shooting range nearby where you rent guns so that you can find out what best suits you?
  11. What are their prices like? We like decent seafood,but I can't handle C D's but every soo often. It stinks in there and the grease is just too much.
  12. They are kicking out their job security.......allow these type places in their hospitals so that when people do have their heart attacks and such from making unhealthy food choices, then the hospital is there to charge them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the care that they need to get all better. This just does not make sense.
  13. We were there today as well. My daughter got 3 decent PS2 used games for $18. They even offered to special order something for my Sailor.
  14. Please consider coming back to the South end of the county. PLEEAASSSEEEEE
  15. I will add at least 1 but let me get through this last week of school.
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