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  1. See this is what I mean, why not provide the information and leave it at that. What good does calling people names do?? If she didn't pay her taxes, if she has judgements against her, we should know about it but that's enough. JMO
  2. I think the opposite, I think most of us are tired of the negative campaigns, especially the bashing on social networking sites. If I were campaigning for a candidate I'd be real careful what I post for everyone to see. It's the hate and name calling that turns people off to YOUR candidate. Blaming someone else for personal gain doesn't bode well. Stick to the facts and leave the personal stuff out of it, and please don't spread lies.
  3. no more that 2 - 2.5 weeks came real fast! )
  4. Good morning Facebook friends, I can't wait to get the day started by going to John Tanner State Park and enjoying all the festivities, and for $5 a car load. I took this post off FB from a friend. I dont know anything about it.
  5. she went back out to get my brother and they got stuck on buchanan hwy. She is home now as of 1130PM lastnight...safely
  6. Does anyone know how bad Goldmine Road is? Naturegirl is stuck out there and I need some information please!!! I've heard about the bullets please dont give me one. I didnt know which forum to as this.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has ever had that BBQ the scouts sell in the parking lot in smyrna chruch? Last I remember it was Fantastic and they r doing it again tomorrow!!!!
  8. Thank you very much. I too have heard "things" about ST, but I do believe things have and still are changing. In this economy things have to. Thanks I'll give it a try!
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