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  1. Fto bad she had to throw fits last night and could not be bothered to at least come and say thanks to her supporters
  2. Not sure why you would have already made a trip being you knew the first birthday was going to happen and when. Me I would have waited because I would have wanted to be there.
  3. Check and see if there was a camera in the parking lot or one near by that may have caught it.
  4. Every time I hear that now days I think of Hillary
  5. OK this has got to be the dumbest statement to date.
  6. Do people really still read anything he post? Dang his post have been hidden for me for a long time. Not worth reading
  7. Wow you guys really need to get out more if you think that was dancing
  8. What a shame. We are always told to not take the law into your own hands, let the law handle it. This man had been reported to the"law" many times and nothing was done......now this.
  9. I am sorry but how many people around here have signs in their yards warning people of possible snakes? How many business do? Why should it take that? If there is a place that holds water in FL. It is possible a gator is around. Not Disneys fault at all. They have crews that do nothing else but try as best they can to keep wild life from being a problem but at some point people have to take responsibility for themselves and their kids.
  10. And if a Rep. use the title you did in your thread Pubby would have changed it in a hot minute.
  11. Sad but if the story had been about a dog left in a car and died the same people who are saying poor poor Dad would be ready to string him up.
  12. Could be the same...I did hear it was a woman that was hurt.
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