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  1. Paulding libraries have them, too.
  2. Meanwhile us poor ole red-headed step-children in the SW corner of the county are still waiting for something to get started down here. Actually started, not just pretty drawings.
  3. For the dessert selection you could consider shortbread "straws" with one end dipped in chocolate. Easy to make.
  4. A friend of mine just bought one. I no longer acknowledge him in public. It's a crime against good pasta.
  5. The guy/gal delivering the paper is doing what they get paid to do. It's not their fault the homeowner isn't picking up the paper. Why is the person that is doing their job the one that is stupid?
  6. So if some tool drives by their house and throws McDonalds trash in their yard they should leave that there too? Hiram still had there tree up as of yesterday.
  7. No, you might be Paulding County white trash if you steal a dead deer out of somebody's yard. I saw a home made reward poster at old Scott's today. $500 reward for a dead buck that was taken out of a yard in Yorkville. Nice looking buck, too.
  8. Go in and see the fine folks at Herb & Vitamin Depot in Hiram ... if they can't get you feeling right, you weren't ever right to begin with.
  9. What's worse, being in church in short shorts or not being in church at all? And while we may not want to see her "junk" is it really for us to judge her choice of clothing? A number of churches in the area have started making a point of saying "come as you are." Maybe through going to church she will eventually learn some modesty, maybe not. The job of the church is to bring people to it, not push them away.
  10. We love it there. One of the things that sealed the deal for my youngest to go there this year was the number of staff members that were still there from my son's days. Turnover is generally so high in childcare that when I saw so many familiar faces, it was a very pleasant surprise. He is in 5th grade this year and there were at least 7-8 folks that I recognized right off the bat from his pre-k year. My daughter loves her teachers, too. No business is perfect and there will always be room for improvement but I am happy there and if I had another child we'd be right back at PKU again for
  11. I only know about PKU and both of mine went there for Pre-k. (have one there this year, actually)
  12. For the teachers and kids, I hope they give them time sooner rather than later. They already don't have enough time to get through everything they need to before CRCT. For the budget's sake, adding time to each day after Spring break is the way to go. And no matter what the board decides they will be lambasted. Let the fun begin.
  13. Right but they did it in a way that made sense. I don't remember how long it was but it was 15 or 20 minutes or whatever each day. Some amount of time that actually mattered each day. That's what I meant. 4 minutes per day is only meeting a technicality but is doing absolutely nothing for the kids.
  14. Gotcha ... I was just wondering if that end was thawed out better.
  15. Not a chance they do that. 4 minutes per day is beyond pointless. Look at what they did last year. That sort of thing would make more sense if they were looking at the extended day option for making it up.
  16. And we will soon hear from the folks that have vacation plans for that week.
  17. MUCH cheaper to just do what they did this last year and add a few minutes each day after Spring break. Doesn't help the teachers get ready for CRCT but when the budget is as tight as it is I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the cheaper route win.
  18. I love the place right by the hospital in the shopping center with the Dollar General.
  19. Why are you surprised that there is no school tomorrow?
  20. Flag on the play!! Foul! I started a thread and had a link and everything. Hey, why are we doing this in this thread? You're a trouble-maker.
  21. If y'all order from these folks (or anyone else) be patient and tip big.
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