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  1. for me to resist the urge to start a thread like ... Title: It's Official ... School Is Closed And body text of "for today" The little red guy on my shoulder is screaming at me to do it.
  2. So we're talking about something strange ... not some strange. Gotcha.
  3. A ) It kind of "sounded" like you were B ) I know. C ) How much longer do you think we can keep this going?
  4. A ) I didn't say there was anything wrong with it. B ) How does that in any way make my "argument" any less valid? If the lot at the government complex isn't safe for Joe Public, how could we be sure the lots at the schools are safe for Little Johnny?
  5. That was my thinking earlier, too. How can they say it isn't safe for adults to report to their government jobs on time but then expect our kids to be safe getting to school on time. I think they're waiting to announce until they know if it will be late opening or closed all together. But I've been wrong before. Many, many times.
  6. I actually think those heads up calls are a good idea. It gives folks a chance to start working on their plans. I don't personally need it but I know there are plenty of folks who work in town and would like to be able to begin to wrap up their day and be ready to go when the "real" call comes.
  7. Winter storm warning is cancelled. Much of the precipitation is coming to an end or diminishing. As a result, the winter storm warning has been canceled. Some light snow and flurries will continue overnight, but little or no accumulations are expected.
  8. You just watch it, missy. I've got a snowball with your name on it. I'll save it for campout.
  9. In the past, it has been part of the training. Can't speak with any degree of certainty on that now. Maybe now they're only looking to hire those with the experience already. Seems to me, if that were the case, it would be listed in the minimum requirements. I guess the best thing for someone to do would be to make a phone call to clarify.
  10. * Ability to pass a computerized pre-employment test which measures knowledge, skills, and abilities consistent with entry level requirements for this position including, written and audible data entry skills, multi-tasking, spelling, map reading, reading comprehension, and decision making. * Completion of a high school diploma or equivalent from an accredited high school or state education program (GED). * Possession of or ability to readily obtain Georgia POST Communications Officer Certification. (Possession of or ability to readily obtain GCIC/NCIC certification.) * All app
  11. I don't watch his videos ... if he was videoing himself while driving in the snow he's as wrong as you were. In fact, he's worse. Isn't he an insurance salesman?
  12. E-911 Communications 1 Job Communications Officer I This position is responsible for receiving emergency and administrative calls, providing emergency medical dispatch instructions, and dispatching appropriate emergency responders... Fire Department 2 Jobs Fire Specialist (1) Full Time Position Available This position is responsible for providing administrative and technical support services for various functions within Fire/Rescue such as answerin... Firefighter Trainee (Applicant/Testing Roster) Please note that there are no current vacancies. The purpose of
  13. And now it is falling fast again. And it is supposed to get solidly below freezing tonight. Guess we'll see when we see. I still say that if government offices are closed until 10 a.m. tomorrow, I just don't see how they'll send the kids in at regular time.
  14. They save a lot more money cutting delivery. And they lose a lot more money by closing their retail/counter business.
  15. Makes sense now. It was the odd/even that didn't work for me. I'd still rather see them go with a simplified cut instead of something like that. I'd also like to see more of the routes run by contractors.
  16. You mentioned an odd/even system ... every road has odd addresses and even addresses. The drivers would still be driving the same routes every day.
  17. 1. How does driving the same routes for the same 6 days cut costs? 2. What we really need to do is make it so that it does not require an act of congress (literally and figuratively) to make needed changes in the USPS.
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