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  1. Call Burgers Market in Cartersville. I got some there a few weeks ago.
  2. Ihaveadog Hubby saw the same bobcat today. Looks like it got hit by a car. We have seen a cat for a while in that area.
  3. My grandson is in elementary school at Forsyth County, they are encouraged to bring them to school, don't know what the students who do not have them do... How may elementary kids have Ipads or tablets?
  4. I think everyone would love to have health insurance, but if you can not afford to get coverage then you will be fined and have to pay a fine? What does that resolve? Some people are struggling to live paycheck by paycheck, the economy has not fully recovered, there are still a lot of people out of jobs... What about the person say divorced suddenly having to pay child support, trying to keep the house, living pay check by pay check and working extra jobs just to do this... Where will the money to pay for insurance come? How can they pay the fine, if they had extra money, they would probably
  5. It could be bats.... they can get in a very small area... and make strange noises... If there is a small area on the outside, a small crack in the outside, they will get in... They make weird noises... cheeps and scratching sounds.... i
  6. It is very cute and the squirrels are gonna love it too...
  7. Prayers to his family... Mr. Crowe was one of the most remarkable persons I have ever met, along with his wife Jane. They both taught me so much.
  8. Melissa Morrison, welcome to Paulding.com... most running for office won't come on here... this shows intregrety and honesty, and a tough side... we need good honest people running for office... people who are not afraid to stand up and fight for what is wrong, you have been doing this for years... best of luck to you, we need more people like you running for office.
  9. Grizzzle 130 - go to Radio Shack they can help you... we have never had cable, always an antenna... we live in the woods and have to have a booster, they helped us with all of that...
  10. Was this an order that your son had to pay child support or was he just doing it? If they were not married.. and he has not legimitized the child he has no rights to the child... this would have to be done before he had any rights to visitation, and if he was paying child support already, good for him.
  11. We have an older tv and have had no problems with a converter box and an antenna....
  12. Stink bugs are horrible this year, and nothing seems to kill them. They actually do stink and will be creeping into your house... My sister has a problem with them....
  13. Nice Green, talk to Radio Shack.. we have an outside atenna, we live way off the road with lots of trees... we have an outside atenna, with a booster... some homes will do with an inside one, some won't pick up.... but we have many channels with no bill each month.
  14. Got a call from them not interested do not call back.
  15. I think for some reason ATT are having problems with the county with cells and internet, having problems late night with att internet.
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