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  1. NC u going to be neighbor in Rockmart also? I'm moving in Nov.
  2. I agree that the relationship is over before couples admit it's over. And when you meet someone new your just ready to feel the love and excitment again. Because it's been a long time since you have felt wanted and needed.
  3. Mine are so excited, but wait till next week....lol
  4. I feel ya, I dont think mine ever went to bed so it seems Hope everyone has a great day
  5. That is what I was going to say. Win, Win situation to me
  6. I wonder what bar the guys got into a fight in. Was that in Paulding too? There is a Episode that is in Douglasville and the girl is 14 LOOKING for a husband. She left school at 12. It made me so sad.
  7. The attitude of just "get a job" makes me so mad. My husband has been out of work forever. He has worked with Epoxy chemicals all his career. He developed a allergy to the epoxy and can no longer be around it. Breaks out in bad rashes. So he was laid off. Everyone acts like it's so easy to just go out and get a job. He can not even get a job at Mcdonalds because he doesnt have "EXPERIENCE"(but they will hire kids at no experience) Every position wasnt experience their field. Warehouse,retail,fast food, What about people like my husband that never done anything like that. Who went from 900 a week salary to begging for a job just, any job so he doesnt feel like a loser and depressed all the time. This is so hard for him and family/friends say to him just get a job isnt he looking. I cant believe he hasnt found a job yet. He puts in 15-20 aps a day and NOTHING.
  8. I bet I met him last night =)
  9. There was no fire. There was a hydraulic leak in the elevator. The fire dept was called and checked the building and it was cleared.
  10. This is very scary. Most serial killers start out like this. Animals first and when that isn't enough they move on to other things. This individual has already killed animals in a very crul and suffering way. and different ways of carrying it out and also took the time to lay the cats bodies together. I hope this person is found and gets therapy.
  11. Well someone send her a PM before Pcom moms start to freak out. We also need to know if a gun was there.
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