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  1. My grandmother insists on taking pics of everyone in the family that dies. The first time she done it (that I know of) was when my grandfather passed away I was 13 at the time I thought it was horrible. She not only takes pics of the deceased but she insists on having a "family" pic with the person in the coffin in the mix. It has always creeped me out. My aunt (her daughter) couldn't stand looking at a deceased person when my grandfather passed she never went to the coffin to look at her own dad. My grandmother did take pics and forced her to be in the photo my aunt is on the end looking
  2. I thought Jason was adopted?!?
  3. Luke is and they still mention Laura and she was on there a couple of years ago but thats it.
  4. DNA said it was Jason's but I am beginning to wonder if Franco and Jason weren't brothers b/c of the video that Franco left Jason as him as a baby and Monica has nothing of him as a baby.
  5. Yesterday they showed her in a hospital bed and a nurse came in and sedated her and told a "mysterious" person that she was asking questions but she didn't tell her about them. So someone has her just not sure who.
  6. What do you guys think is going to come up about Jason and Franco?
  7. This is so my thoughts on it and I am wondering if the Dr Keenan has something to do with it. Its amazing how he all the sudden showed up when she was on the boat.
  8. Shoulda known that she wasn't really gone...lol
  9. Thank you I couldn't remember exactly
  10. You go 278 pass the walmart in Rockmart and keep going like you are going to Cedartown you will turn left pass over railroad track on Baldwin Road (I think) and it is out at the end of that road I believe. Its an old house made into a restaurant but it has been by far the best steak place. It's a little bit of a drive but I think its worth it.
  11. You will get your wish with the Popeye's there is one being built at the intersection across the street from Movies 278
  12. I don't think it has been revealed what she had on him yet but he didn't like what he saw when he opened it.
  13. I have been watching the previews and thought that it was going to be great and so far I love it. Kinda reminds me of the movie Taken.
  14. We are so sorry for your loss! Praying for peace for the family. If you guys need anything please let us know!
  15. Okay if you hear of anything let me know. I have some clothes for younger kids that I can donate. (4-5-6's I believe)
  16. NC and LGM do you know of anything that we can do to help them?
  17. You sound like what happened here. We heard Southern Trace Xing the the roaring and hauled butt to the bathroom. LGM I went out and about this morning and saw the damage and my heart breaks for them. If they need anything can you please let me know I can help clean up or whatever.
  18. I heard that there was damage by Thorn Thicket we live in Southern Trace and went out for a few during the down time of the storms lots of debris. The Tornado passed over our house we heard the roaring and headed to the bathroom. I tell you I haven't had a headache as bad as when that happened felt like my head was going to explode. Pray for all the families in Paulding that wasn't as lucky.
  19. LOVE me some GH but have NO clue what you are talking about with Robin please fill me in
  20. nope I think the same thing too. Makes me wanna smack her...lol
  21. I still call her Monica Kaufman...lol...If fact last night I was telling hubby and said Kaufman and didn't even think about it til now. My dad watched the news on Channel 2 all the time when we were younger that's what I have known her as for years don't think I can ever call her Monica Pearson.
  22. My MIL has one for sale she has used it 3 times she is asking 175 or best offer. It is a bolen troy built front tine tiller, 550 series, 5 hp. She bought it at Lowes.
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