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  1. Usually you can casually mention your knowledge of the right to an arbitration process and that will light a fire. Worked for me.
  2. Is there a local provider for counseling/ therapy that provides these services for free or low cost? This person really needs help but can not afford to get it.
  3. @katcol, which service provider do you have with your prepaid? There are so many now that I've never even heard of...
  4. Guess I'm gonna have to get a prepaid phone because my phone won't convert to this " everything" plan available at the big blue box store. Any one have any suggestions for what kind of phone to get?
  5. Significant other had his card / account frozen last week. Bank said it was because of a high volume of fraudulent activity recently pertaining to net flix.....
  6. Now the teenagers are out. They are talking on their cell phones while holding out their plastic dollar tree bags. They actually drove themselves here and parked in front of the house. One of them lit a cigarette as he drug his feet across my lawn (guess the sidewalk was too far to walk) On a good note, at least he told his friends I had the "good sheeze". Thankfully the cop across the street is at work so he didn't hear that comment and misinterpret what was said....
  7. I have never had trick or treaters because I always lived "off the beaten path". I recently moved to a neighborhood so I was so excited about having them this year. I just got my first group and was soooooo disappointed. Out of 6 kids, none of them actually said "trick or treat" and only one of them said "thank you". I hope it gets better as the night progresses, especially since I spent almost $50 on the "good stuff" for these little buggers......
  8. I was at this store on Sunday. I saw a guy in a jeep make a left turn and run over the poles. It was kind of funny because the poles "laid down" when he drove over them and "bounced right back up" afterwards. lol
  9. My next door neighbor's house just burned to the ground.
  10. Not to mention that gaggy smell. Every time I ever went in there it smelled like raw sewage.
  11. This confuses me.... Are you sure it was my hubby?
  12. I am a relatively "small person". I eat well, don't drink soda, tea etc. I only drink water (and 1 cup of decaf in the morning), and I am very active. I just have this pesky cellulite on the backs of my legs and on my hind end that I can't seem to "tone".
  13. Thanks for fixing my title. I couldn't figure out how to edit it! LoL
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