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  1. My great-great grandfather, David Shelton, was among 13 males suspected of being Union sympathizers and were rounded up and executed without trial in the 1863 "Shelton Laurel Massacre" in NC. Their wives and mothers were beaten and tortured by Confederate soldiers. One of the massacre victims was only a 13 year old boy. Another 10 year old boy was captured but escaped. My great-grandfather was only around 8 years old and was not taken by the Confederates. Gruesome story that I never heard of until a few years ago when I was checking my family history. Parts of the book & film Cold Mounta
  2. That is what's so aggravating. Both of my phone numbers are supposed to be on that national No-Call list, yet I still get these.
  3. I've used up all of my allowed "likes" here today, but for the record, I like your post.
  4. I'm going to check VOIPs out then. Any recommendations?
  5. I had not even thought of that. Can you use VOIP to call Canada? I have several friends up there, only one has a US calling plan. We use that Whatsapp for emergency texts but otherwise have to stick to using Facebook messenger.
  6. Well, at least SOMEBODY around here likes me today.
  7. Why don't you use yours? I'm not the one people are complaining about. The only one complaining about me is the one person that other people are complaining about. And that is you. I'm not blocking you, no matter how much you try to bait me into it. That would absolve you of your role and responsibility in this matter. Or don't you like for people to be held accountable for their actions?
  8. I get them on my iphone and my landline, which is a different number. Whenever I see that the location of the call is "Northeast Georgia" I'm afraid not to answer it because of family in that area. But you're right, I should just not answer, let it go to voice mail and call them back if it's family.
  9. I dunno. Is there a police artist sketch of his deflated balls?
  10. Now, back to the original subject at hand.....is there any likelihood that this trial will be moved to another county because of pre-trial publicity? I saw articles about her even on UK news sites. Too many locals who knew her or the victims (or in my case, lived on the same street) and therefore the lawyers & judge may think that it would be impossible to find objective jurors?
  11. Thank you for that link. I'm getting tired of that same perky woman with different names calling me and telling me that I stayed in one of their resorts right before I hang up on her.
  12. Or people could discipline themselves not to hijack every thread with their own personal vendetta against someone on a subject that is totally unrelated to said thread. I got all day.
  13. People called Charlie Manson crazy too. Should he have just been sent to a mental ward instead of jail? No. He was evil. Some crazy people murder other people. Some crazy people deliberately dump defenseless animals out on the street out of spite. Some people deliberately steal from their housemates and the housemate's children to buy drugs and booze. Some crazy people don't care who they hurt. Some crazy people don't care whose lives they destroy. Some crazy people don't care if someone's helpless pets die. Some crazy people deliberately set fires for revenge on their ex-husband. Some crazy
  14. Why is all this endless crap you post about some judge "credible" just because it's coming from YOU? And what part of THIS WOMAN BROKE THE LAW AND SET THE DAMN FIRE DELIBERATELY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?
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