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  1. So I guess no one knows the answer to my question!
  2. Does anyone know what was going on on 278 at the Palisades Subdivision Entrance tonight around 8:30-9:00? We drove past and it looked like someone was laying on the ground and surrounded by 4 or 5 police cars. We passed by again and they were sitting up and an ambulance had showed up. I didn't see any cars besides the cop cars.
  3. Our kennel is already booked up for the 4th so I need to figure something out! Our dog is so lazy be probably doesn't mind laying in a kennel all day! And everytime we pick him up tey tell us how much they love him! We used Wendy when my daughter was born maybe I'll give her a call!
  4. Where do y'all board your dogs when going out of town? We are going around the 4th and our vet is all booked up! Does anyone use The Ark or have any info them? I'm also looking for a pet sitter someone to come over and let out dog out for 2 days (2x a day) ! TIA!
  5. When? The last couple times I drove past there was a sign that said for sale full furnished resturant
  6. I like the Hawiann resturant in Carrolton ! I miss thee Tin Roof in VR they had great sandwiches
  7. I'll refrain from giving this one a name on this thread!
  8. They just dropped a digger off today so they are getting ready to do somethig with it!
  9. You could try the Marshall's we've called in te people that used to live behind us because they had bags and bags and piles if trash. We've also called for high grass and a broken fence which worried me because of all the neighborhood kids and the pool in their backyard! The marshall came and all were fixed! They finally got the hint and moved! It was a situation kind of like yours they used to live there every day then they just stopped and everyonce in a whole we'd see a car there!
  10. Agree with Leaf! He is so thorough and very very reliable!
  11. Wow If I call crime stoppers and tell them to look at his Facebook page do I get the award? Does to take a genius !!
  12. Thanks Maybe I'll call all of them for quotes
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