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  1. If it makes you feel better I got a seat belt in my subdivsion, by a state trooper. That's pretty sad and funny at the same time.
  2. Every time I have been to the doctor lately, espically the OBGYN, the entire staff is right out of school. I understand they need a chance, but a 3 hour wait, and some twit nurse that can't even use the blood pressure moniter.
  3. Twit is way better than what I really wanted to say.
  4. TWITS, The first imperssion of your business really matters. If you have idiots sitting at your front desk or answering your phones, you are killing your business!!! That is all!
  5. Lord, I hope my dreams don't mean anything. I have been dreaming about having a set of twins. LOL! And I am fixed!
  6. What do you expect the grandmother to say...."That little slut got knocked up, and that bastard child is ugly!" It happens, should it...NO. But it is what it is. Instead of being sick about it, talk to your own children about having sex. JMHO
  7. Very homesick! I love the snow!
  8. I have always liked the name Luke. I know you hate it. LOL
  9. Have you been able to make any arrangements? You and TJB have been on my mind since I read this post. I recently had to travel to lay my papa to rest, I know not being there is a horrible feeling. I can not afford a lot of money, but I will donate some funds, and hope others will contribute. What do you need? Two plane tickets to New York? When will you need to leave?
  10. Most likely strep with the rash and fever.
  11. Why do you have to point out someone's truth? I honestly do not care for many people on PCOM, but I don't find the need to go into every post they make and leave a smarta$$ comment.
  12. Lord another tiff, don't you like anybody? Ya big butthole!
  13. Okay, I am lost....I have 3 kids and have had rough times. What's the big deal?
  14. Holy crap, just tell the dang story. Who did what?
  15. Simple reply.....Bless you. Let it roll girl! You have a baby to support!
  16. I was more impressed about the indoor plumbin' and schoolin' down here.
  17. That sounds kind of naughty!
  18. I disagree, keeping cases like this private can lead to other victims. Which to me, "doesn't seem fair."
  19. It's hard not to judge her. I would not for one minute allow her alone in a room with my children. PEROID! I am sorry she is a friend of yours, but sometimes people don't turn out like we expect them to.
  20. Too funny! You can explain yourself to death with some members on this board.....sometimes you have to be the bigger person, and let it go.
  21. I went and helped Cindy put these clothes out.....Great clothes....great deals. Dress clothes, lounge, work, and play! GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!
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