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  1. The turning point in the game was when the Alabama defensive back went THUG and stood over the OSU player that had just been hit hard by another Alabama player. That lit a fire under OSU and they never looked back.
  2. Namath was my all time favorite NFL player. I watched every minute of every game of the 1968 season leading up to Super Bowl 3. Joe was from Pennsylvania and was being recruited by the Big 10 schools except for Ohio State where Woody Hayes had a corp of what he believed to be good quarterbacks. But he didn't want to have to play against Namath so Hayes calls Bear Bryant and gives him the scouting reports on Namath.
  3. My fishing buddy is one of the cleanest people I know. His house and yard are always immaculate. But get on the lake and he throws all of his trash in the lake. Pisses me off. So I get the landing net and scoop it up and put it in a locker I use as a trash can. I have just about stopped him from doing it because he knows I will shut down the fishing until I get the trash.
  4. What I know is that by choking your chicken you decrease your risk of contracting any viruses.
  5. So does this mean the first two missionaries that were flown into Emory were likely screwing chickens, each other or natives? Seems that is about the only way they could have contracted the virus.
  6. That report is total horsecheeze. I don't advocate the recreational use of pot. I sure as heck don't want my grandkids to be trying the stuff. But let's be real here. I grew up in the hippie days. We smoked as much of the stuff as anyone. Rock concerts at the Omni and Fulton County Stadium were usually so smoky that you could barely see the stage. And a small percentage of those people turned out to be addicts but the majority of us turned out to be productive citizens. The article actually reminds me of REEFER MADNESS. Cannabis is not harmless but it is not nearly as big a drain o
  7. I am always surprised that the opinion of whether or not the viruses are contagious or will kill you is split down political party lines. Is it that Democrats truly are just that damn dumb?
  8. I'm betting the Ebola scare is to cover up something far worse that our Bastard in Chief is getting us into.
  9. Yep! Turn that entire side of the planet into a big glass ashtray. Besides, Tarzan was never filmed in Africa anyway. Tarzan, like most of the information about Ebola, was fake. And the only use I have ever had for Africa was Tarzan. I did like Cheetah okay until he won the election.
  10. He was exceedingly self-centered and didn't care how many he infected as long as he got to the U.S. for treatment. Our Government is exceedingly stupid for not forcing the West African countries to stop all travel to and from the countries. We send them billions of dollars every year. Use that fat check as a tool of leverage. No stoppie, no money.
  11. Which explains why they were flying patients in a negative pressure tank. I'm betting that was just for media hype. I bet during the flight the pilot invited the patient into the cockpit to show him how an airplane works.
  12. Your wealth envy has driven you over the edge. In your next life do a better job of building your own wealth so you aren't so envious of others. You might want to go ahead and put in your order for a larger "you know what" since the size of that usually dictates (no pun intended) your envy for other things.
  13. Using that same mentality I think I might have a way to test for those infected with Ebola. Simply offer them a spare rib and a slice of watermelon. Anyone from Africa that refuses that offer HAS to be sick.
  14. There is no gray area in this matter. You are either for or against. And if you are against, your sorry ass needs to be strung up right beside that fat bitch in Douglasville until the buzzards clean your bones along with every other Muslim. They need a dose of their own medicine. Convert or die M-Effer.
  15. Not one of those innocent people deserved to die. You sir, are a full blown idiot. And that^^^^^is the cleaned up version.
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