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  1. What?? No mention of sweet tea?!?!
  2. This is disgusting. I will never vote for him again for ANY office. I can't stomach a liar. JK Rogers, you have another vote!
  3. Have you ever thought about having your hormone levels checked?
  4. Oh good grief, lighten up grumpy.
  5. I knew I shouldn't have turned those blue lights on...
  6. The president is responsible for the direction of the economy. Until employers feel confident with the economy, there will not be an influx of new jobs. Swipe deserved... Very sad but true...
  7. I love it! Hang a swing below the deck to finish it off.
  8. I'm not sure about everyone else but this has been the longest four years of my life...
  9. Not sure if anyone has asked this already and if it has been asked, I apologize. Melissa was posting here just the other day. Why did she suddenly stop?
  10. So far in this thread, a grand total of $3.742.60 will be claimed!
  11. I have been to the Carruth's home for dinner and I am sure there are many others here that have as well. How can this be anything other than black or white?
  12. Thanks for posting. Just found $598 for a friend's parents. Slang for thanks...
  13. Please post your size here. Myself or someone else may have some other interview clothes. : )
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