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  1. If we have damage are we supposed to report it somewhere for study of a tornado?
  2. I learned two things; I can now get the local news an hour earlier and listen to the information that really matters. Secondly, that I'm glad the show is over and I don't have access to OWN.
  3. You people don't see how much she loves herself, it makes me sick. I tuned in thinking she could change my mind and she just reiterated what I already knew. She's a self centered bitch that preaches to everyone how to live their lives so she can feel better.
  4. I'm in a wheelchair and have been bumped into so many times by kids running around and not being corrected, it's not funny. I tell the parent directly. Not that it always helps. Of course I've been bumped into by adults too, with no apologies.
  5. 30 Seconds To Mars Pink Janet Jackson
  6. Broiled Seafood platter is my favorite. Lunch I usually get the chicken slovaki. Dessert DEATH BY CHOCOLATE YUMMMMMMMMMM. But as said before "Everything is great" you will not be disappointed. I would love a Hiram Dinner. He should by that place on 92. It's changed hands so much, but he could really do well there.
  7. I've used this guy and he's amazing. I need a tuning now and have to contact him. I believe it was around $100, possible more now. But worth it. Good luck! http://www.atlantapianotuning.com/
  8. As I don't know how to do a poll, would someone do one? I have a nook and absolutely love it!!
  9. The Renegade Hunter (Argeneau Vampire Series #12) by Lynsay Sands This series is WONDERFUL!!
  10. New Hope is close, but I didn't hear them.
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