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  1. I just can't believe it...I am for the death penalty, so some would think I'd be happy that he's not wasting taxpayer's money, but I'm not. When someone else (the jury and judge) decides you should die, it's torture for many of them waiting for that day to come. But he chose it himself...yet Jorelys did not get to choose for herself whether to live or die.
  2. This is very true, too. I never thought I'd smoke for fun, but I smoke every year at my husband's company Christmas parties now (the company gambles with fake money for first dibs on presents and then goes to Opera.I don't know if I mentioned that already or not). 20-year-old me would be slapping my @$$ in the face.
  3. Highly agree with you on this post. That's what we were asked about, so that is what we are discussing! Lol. Perhaps he is a smoker, and that is why he is so seemingly offended...I don't know. Talk of taxes and overweight people is deviating from the topic.
  4. Just couldn't come to a conclusion.
  5. I was going to insert an emoticon, but I don't know which one to use...
  6. Well, that was my point. A lot of the things you mentioned in your earlier post are situations that *may* happen, have already happened (can't change the past or getting pregnant), or refer to possible future troubles. But quitting smoking is something any woman can do *right now* while pregnant for physical health of the baby. As far as emotional health and possible scenarios, well...that's a whole other issue, and I'm sure every one of us has a problem of some sort.
  7. I agree with you on smoking. It's a lot easier to put down a cigarette than it is to control relationships, etc. No one has a perfect life situation...there is always going to be some emotional issue a child has to experience at some point due to family circumstances, etc. and some of the mentioned situations warrant not being a parent at all. Smoking doesn't make one a bad person, but it can affect the baby's physical health and should be stopped. Though quitting smoking may be hard to do, it is also a simple and selfless thing to do for the health of your child.
  8. I was surprised at Tracey Gold's house. I didn't expect her to have a multimillion dollar mansion or anything, but her house was no better than mine or most people I know, granted she does live in a more expensive area, but still. And Busey...wow...parents of Constantine?
  9. Just so terribly sad. If I had been her mom, there would have been every effort made on my part to kill him in the courtroom.
  10. Can you email the pic to me? I will PM you my email address in the morning...going to bed. But no, probably not a lot...I will fix the pic first, and if you like it you can pay me. But I honestly can't tell until I can see the pic better. For some reason, I can't enlarge pix on PCom. So far, the only tricky part I see is the boy on the left's eye...I will have to clone his other eye and place it there and flip it around, most likely.
  11. Never seen the pig commercials, but I just Googled it, and I love it! I think it's hilarious. Flo, on the other hand...........I'd rather see Susan Boyle dance.
  12. Okay...doesn't sound like it's a big deal to fix.
  13. Send me a PM...I can do restoration. It really depends on how damaged it is, and having the original is greatly encouraged because the size you copied from the net may not be its full size. You should also know that with it being copied, it is likely you may be limited in size as far as prints. If the photo is too damaged, I'll direct you somewhere else as I am pretty busy lately. All the restoration usually entails is color correction and damage retouching. Many photogs can do simple color correction for you, but damage restoration is not a simple thing to do, especially if quality
  14. The one I used to get the most was Avril Lavigne (lol). I also have heard Christie Clark from Days of Our Lives a few times and Michelle Pfeiffer. I really don't see any of those three at all except maybe Avril and only due to the skin and hair color/length. You definitely do!
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