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  1. Dabbs Bridge near Harmony Church Road. Human Remains found in shallow grave
  2. I know that Friday afternoon the cops were looking for an older gentleman on a bicycle with a backpack at East Paulding Drive @ 92. I believe it had to to with burglaries in the area. They were circulating a picture at the Sunoco Friday afternoon and clerks there told them they had just missed him as he'd left the store 10 mins. before the cops were there. Just my guess. Bicycling Burglar??
  3. Senseless. My prayers and condolences to the family and friends.
  4. The filing fee usually does not include the service fee, meaning the cost to have the defendant served with a copy of the suit. You can always bring a lawyer. However, if you filed it on your own, good luck getting an attorney to step in after the fact and take ownership of your complaint. If you need a lawyer, get the lawyer to draft and file your complaint in small claims court for you. Georgia is a one party consent state. If you have a recording, you can use it.
  5. I used to get the lunch time shows as well. He never steps out of character.
  6. Someone beat me to it. National Guard Youth Challenge Program. On base 6 month military style schooling and attitude adjustment program. Ft. Gordon YCA
  7. From the AJC The Atlanta Journal-Constitution A Cobb County pastor was arrested Wednesday for allegedly molesting a 6-year-old girl at church. John Aubrey Pinkston, 76, of Dallas, was charged with child molestation and sexual battery for allegedly touching the child between July and August, according to an arrest warrant obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Pinkston is the founder and pastor of Congregation of God Seventh Day church on South Main Street in Kennesaw, according to the church’s website. An ordained minister for more than 30 years, Pinkston is also an author
  8. Guthrie's Chimney Sweep, Phone:(770) 445-3132
  9. My Dad moved there from Kansas and lived there for two years. He said it was the worst winters he ever experienced. This coming from a man who grew up where they got ten foot snow drifts...Summers are short and the winters are bitter cold and long. I hope your experience is better. Good luck!
  10. hoohaa


    When I flew home Mac Airlift Command from Middenhall AFB in England I flew on a C5A. It was big enough for two basketball courts in the lower quarter, we had to walk all the way to the tail section and climb a two story ladder to the top, then walk all the way to just behind the cockpit where the military had strapped in 12 seats facing backwards. Flew home across the Atlantic to Dover AFB in Delaware 12 hour flight. It was a monster of a plane taking off and landing. That was a ride!
  11. I am all for it. We need an express lane to lethal injection like they have in Texas. It only took 14 years of feeding and housing this brutal murderer before he was put to death. Road Rage Killer
  12. It was my 22 year old son. He was in the ER for a couple of hours before they got ahold of me. He couldn't remember where he lived, he kept telling the nurse he lived on East Paulding Dr. I guess the black blazer is just what he could remember. I was hoping someone saw what happened. This could have been MUCH WORSE. Don't get me wrong, he was knocked out and suffered a concussion, but thank GOD he is alive. Happy Wife and Mom please tell your hubby THANK YOU and HUGS!
  13. Aldi's has a food dehydrator advertised on sale in their flyer this week for $19.99?
  14. My name is Joshua Chellew. I was killed. Anyone ever hear ANYTHING about it? Newstory
  15. My 32 year old Iraqi war veteran nephew was robbed and beaten unconscious by four similar individuals not far from where this occurred about an hour prior to the Mableton murder. My nephew was within the Smyrna City Limits walking down a residential street from his friend's house to his car around midnight when 4 young men approached him and proceeded to beat and kick the living hell out of him. They stole his keys, his wallet and his phone. They did not get to take his car as his friend came outside when he heard the ruckus and fired a shot into the ground to run them off. He had to call an
  16. My brother contracted a viral infection last year he thought was the flu. After more than a week of suffering, he self medicated with theraflu, nyquil, etc. and complained it must be some new badazz strain of flu. Toughed it out... He waited too late, stubborn, by the time he finally went to the ER he had irreparable heart damage. At 52, my formerly healthy big brother, has a defibrillator installed in his chest and is now retired from the Glaser's Union and collecting SSI. He does good to walk to the mail box and back. This viral stuff is some serious business. Prayers for Randy Trav
  17. When my boss calls me with his blue tooth on I have to ask him to turn off the air. He has it blowing on the mic and it sounds like he is in a wind tunnel! The other day I was stuck in traffic on 400 and someone's hands free device was playing thru my speakers! I could hear her conversation like she was sitting next to me. Gave me cause for pause when I buy my next blue tooth device.
  18. When I left home to go overseas to live with my sister, my Mom was having her home built out here in Dallas. I never got to "go home" again. I came home to her new house here in Dallas. Years later someone bought our old home, tore it down and put up a designer ginger bread house on the foundation. I can never go home again. Gingerbread sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the other houses on the street.
  19. Don't forget to buy a new toothbrush. Seriously, it helps. Feel better!
  20. Nicky Jenkins still lives there. He got flooded out (was on the news)when we had the floods a few years back but he is still there. End of hijack.
  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a fun filled day!
  22. I park at Perimeter Mall and take the MARTA train in to the airport.
  23. My first memory is being around age 2 and my older brother age 4 coming in my room to help bust me out of my crib. He would climb up and help me flip out and over the rail and we'd fall into the floor together and sometimes IT HURT WHEN WE LANDED ON THE HARD WOOD FLOOR! Then we'd go "sneak" and watch cartoons, hug our stuffed animals and snuggle together on the couch until breakfast time.
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