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  1. i have seen him walking down hiram suidie several times. i knew him in high school. self proclaimed meth dealer. total looser. is completely insane.
  2. here is his facebook if you wanna write him. what a punk. https://www.facebook.com/nate.g.freeman
  3. i didnt want to stop traffic all together. i was only there for a minute anyway.
  4. the negligence of the mother of this poor baby girl cost her daughters life. that is so heartbreaking. why would you let your child go anywhere with someone you just met in walmart?!
  5. georgia taekwondo and hapkido on 92 at dallas nebo. grand master lee is the owner and we love it there!
  6. saw a big red fox trotting through my moms neighborhood (st charles estates) across from mt zion baptist on 61. it was in the middle of the afternoon so watch those pets and kids while outside.
  7. i take care of my mentally disabled brother. he has some sort of psych disorders. he sees a dr at Family Intervention Specialists in hiram. they have life coaches counselors and psychiatrists all on a sliding scale basis. his visits are about 10.00 each.
  8. I am looking for a reasonably priced housekeeper in the dallas area who wouldnt mind doing bi-weekly or monthly work. please let me know if you know of someone!
  9. you feed a family of 4 on 70.00 a week!? holy moses! out with the secret! we have 3 adults and 3 kids here and pay over 600.00 a month!!!! but that is breakfast lunch and dinner for all as we take leftovers for lunches. we do not drink sodas and i try to limit the junk foods but i cant seem to get it lower than that!
  10. ive been hearing this rumor since before Academy sports started to build.
  11. i agree. i drive to the newer ingles at nebo and dallas nebo just to avoid kroger. I also hate the food depot. eww.
  12. Yes my sons friend lives there and i keep in touch with his mom. They received notice of a meeting with the housing authority and were all told the land was sold to publix and they will be given information as to what they plan to do by december but that after this school year the residents will all be assisted into a section 8 program and the units will be destroyed.
  13. We are getting a publix. They are tearing down the old gas station strip mall where anything joes is and the housing authority behind it to build a publix. How do you feel about public housing being removed for another grocery store
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