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  1. DITTO to both of you!! I asked Louise about you just a few days ago. I pray your health continues to improve and y'all are able to turn things around from the injustice forced on you! (((HUGS)))
  2. I heard it advertised on the radio for $73 for TWO DAYS ONLY Saturday and Sunday. I already am a Prime Member but ONLY because I had the date wrong on my 30 day trial so I didn't cancel it in time.
  3. I will PM you info for the young lady we use. She is AMAZING and reasonable. We searched long and hard before we found her and have been extremely happy with her coming bi-weekly since October. We are about to start having her come every week. There just aren't enough hours in the week with us now having TWO businesses and expanding our newest business. We stay SO busy plus Hubby wants to have more free time to refinish and paint furniture. We just went to Pigeon Forge on our annual "GRANDS Getaway". We were concerned who we would get to take care of our dogs since our son and daughter were al
  4. It has been a very long time since I posted photos of inventory on p.com. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it if someone could give me directions to add photos to a post??? THANK YOU!! (YES I am an Alabama fan with crimson blood but NO it has nothing to do with this post. LOLOLOLOLOL. Auburn money and Georgia money are just as green as Alabama money. ) THANKS AGAIN!!
  5. That is obviously a smart ass comment by a UGA fan who is also a LIAR. Saying you shouldn't but saying it anyway. YEP A dumbass. BTW which of the Semi-Final Games on New Years Eve is YOUR team playing in????? LOLOLOLOLOL I won't bother reading what your "advise" was. Won't waste my time and will read what the SMART people had to say. How soon we forget. THANK YOU. Yes we've been calling the bank. So far no such luck. But we do have the physical check in hand to take just in case there are funds in the bank. THANK YOU!!! I appreciate it.
  6. If anyone has any personal experience or common knowledge I would greatly appreciate your input. We have never had to deal with anything like this in our 15+ years in business. We were given a check by a customer and we took it to his bank and were told it would be returned bc there wasn't enough money in the bank. We took it waited 3-4 weeks before we deposited it. We talked to him SEVERAL times during those weeks asking him to just make the check good. Eventually he no longer answered the phone or returned calls. So we have this check from his bank ISF. How do I go about getting it filed
  7. Staying open for 72 or more hours leading up to Christmas Eve is nothing new. I think the first store that did it was Garden Ridge and it was so successful other stores followed suit. Personally I think IF the employees want to work extra hours to get double pay (or more) this time of year I think it's a good thing that they have the opportunity. I wouldn't want to be "forced" to work in middle of the night but it works better for some employees. And for BUYING CUSTOMERS it works bc Mothers can leave the baby and husband in bed and shop in peace and quiet. Or the employee at UPS who is putting
  8. Can't wait that late..........it's a busy, busy day getting ready for the son's huge engagement party tomorrow afternoon. About to head out that way now. Hopefully whoever is there will give me a good deal on 8-10 pumpkins (at least). Not to mention the Alabama football game comes on at 3:30 and we DO have our priorities, ya know. LOL
  9. We were excited to see SOMEONE offer breakfast later than 10:00AM other than IHOP and WH. I loved leaving the auction last week and picking up Hotcakes & Sausage on the way home. A hamburger or chicken just didn't sound appetizing at 10:40PM utb H&S hit the spot!! I anticipate it being successful and to see other fast food chains doing the same soon. Can't WAIT for Hardee's to open........no one comes close to their delicious biscuits. They'll put a kink in Martin's monopoly of breakfast around here.
  10. I am needing several pumpkins to decorate for an outdoor engagement party on Sunday. Can you give a "multiple purchase discount"???
  11. If it is another Wendy's I hope it is new (which it will be) and much improved.
  12. Ohhhhhhh GREAT! I was excited until I read the new addition was going to be a McDonald's. That has been the hardest part of our move has been adjusting to NOT having any good eating places convenient. We were VERY disappointed in LaBamba Mexican after friends were adamant how good it was and their favorite Mexican restaurant. Of course they were also thrilled about Waffle House opening up. We still go to the one in Hiram or Hwy 61/278 when we want WH but will try the one down here at some point. Why is Route 61 moving? Every time we've been they have been very busy and seem to have a
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!! You have EVERY right to be proud. A NICE looking young man and I am sure he is just a nice as he is good looking!! Who is the beauty in the white lace dress??? Do you know who sings the song and the title. I loved it!! GREAT PICS, too!! AGAIN......
  14. Nope......have not believed his story from day one. God Bless the wife......she is paralyzed from the waist down. You would think as Police Chief he'd have come up with a better way to try to get rid of her rather than shot her TWICE in the bed beside him and then claim accident. Obviously he hasn't been watching Investigation Discoveries bc you can learn a lot watching those shows.
  15. The AVG free edition I've had on my laptop has expired. Can anyone recommend a good one that is free? And, I know you get what you pay for but I have always used free programs without any problems. Or if someone knows of one that is reasonable?
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