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    THIS right here just made my night! As a nation we spend waaayyyy too much on "stuff" like Starbuck's, eating out, etc. I'm as guilty as the next. The older I've gotten the more I see that such stuff is just that, stuff. There are legitimate needs for food, warmth and just general love and affection that would offer so much more to the giver and the receiver.
  2. Your comment about your memory reminded me of something. That was the first symptom my mother-in-law's family noticed. Her memory started getting worse and she started having some speech issues. Very, very mild and at first hardly noticeable. Definitely get it checked out. I'm pretty sure had they caught hers earlier her prognosis would have been sooo much better!
  3. My mother-in-law has this. She was diagnosed several years ago with hers also being on her brain. It has been a very, very difficult journey for her. She has gone through several surgeries, radiation/chemo treatments and a cyber knife procedure. She is 70 years old now and cannot form her thoughts into words very well anymore so most of the time she just sits quietly and listens. Sadly they discovered two weeks ago that her meningioma has spread to her liver and pancreas. The doctors were shocked as this never, ever happens. They had never seen a case of it in their practice. She also s
  4. It was right around 3:00 when I came through there. There is another post about the boy that was beaten to death. So sad.
  5. I saw that, but the story was posted at 3:28 along with a mug shot. I saw all these cars around 3:00 and others have posted on FB about seeing lots of law enforcement coming out of Twelve Oaks. I wouldn't think they could have arrested someone and got their mugshot on tv in less than thirty minutes, but I don't know. And that seems like a lot of cars just to arrest one man, BUT he could have ran or something. That story is terrible though
  6. Anyone know what is up in the New Hope area? On the way home from picking my sons up from school we passed five different sheriff cars pulled off in different areas once you turned onto Mt. Tabor Church right by the old Dragstrip. There was also a sheriff's dept. SUV pulled into the fire station parking lot. On down the road there was one pulled off on the side of the road with his lights on and across the road a bicycle was lying on it's side like someone had just thrown it down. Then there was one parked at the entrance to my subdivision on Due West Road. Just wondering if there is some
  7. My take on the original post was adults who post multiple pictures of themselves nearly every day like they are sixteen years old. I switch my profile pic from time to time and of course it's up to people what they want to put on their page BUT it comes across as kind of narcissistic to me when 40+ year old women post "selfies" over and over. My own teenage daughter stopped doing that before she even graduated from high school. So I did what was suggested here and hid them
  8. Well, for those who have a problem with community supplies I am trying to train them young to be responsible! I teach four year old pre-k and I label every single marker with the child's name. They have their own school box with their name on it and they keep their crayons and their scissors with their name written on them in that box. I buy extras to put in the art cart that everyone can use. So when I find a marker with no lid languishing under the table I can tell Bobby or Suzie that they won't have a red to color Rudolph's nose come Christmas time if they don't snap that cap and put it
  9. I have a friend who packs up and goes to spend the night with her parents in Cobb for just this reason. She has little kiddos and said her neighborhood celebrates for a week before and a week after
  10. Yes, ours went from $146 to $372. But our unit is almost twenty years old and we cool a split level. Fans run all the time and we keep it cool. I just bite the bullet for 3 months every summer and pay it. We really need a new unit, but it's not in the budget right now. Last year our highest bill was $430 so I'm guessing we will top that this year. It always goes up every summer.
  11. Thanks! They worked very hard and had a shorter time to do it this year. I have laughed so hard every time I watch it! Final performance this afternoon at 3:00.
  12. Two more chances to see this fantastic show! It's the best I've seen them perform!
  13. Bumping just in case you're looking for cheap entertainment this weekend
  14. Just wanted to get the word out that the East Paulding High School Theatre group will be performing Legally Blonde this weekend. Shows are Thursday, Friday & Saturday - April 18th-20th at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, April 21st at 3:00 p.m. Tickets are $5 at the door. These kids have worked their tails off on this show and they always give an awesome performance! Come support the arts in your community. Who knows, one day some of these kiddos may be famous and you can say you saw them way back when
  15. My daughter told me this afternoon that Principal Viness is leaving. I was assuming he was just getting shuffled like they tend to do every few years, but I just read on FB some folks saying they thought it was happening now. Surely this has nothing to do with the whole senior prank thing!
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