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  1. Save a Ton is the gas station across from Ingles. There is a very small store called Save a Lot next to the old Huddle House.
  2. kim404


    Does anyone know someone who can do that for a senior citizen?
  3. Funny but not..I was behind the same type of vehicle on Powder Springs Road a couple months ago. I also called 911. While waiting he pulled in a parking lot. I followed. I saw a GSP and told him. They went and talked to him for awhile and left. Crazy!!
  4. kim404


    Does anyone use Family Savings? Been trying to call and talk to a person. But it keeps hanging up.
  5. I do know for a fact there are some homeless in tents behind Home Depot in that area. Some even have jobs. Just other things keep them from being able to keep a over their heads. Please pray for them and all homeless and hungry.
  6. Thank y'all. I think she found someone.
  7. Electrical is one thing I will not attempt. I've fixed washers, dryers, small car problems, small plumbing but when it comes to electric and gas forget it!!!
  8. I need one that doesn't charge a bundle. It's for my mom who is on a limited income. Also possibly a free estimate. Please be certified. Thanks!
  9. kim404


    I know I used to see people ask about where to play. Hiram Station is it. Just started a new 12 week tourney today. We are going to strive to make this the best around. Best prizes and players around. This is In house. Sundays at 430 and Tuesday and Thursday at 800. See you there.
  10. And here's the Paulding.com I know and love.(Not!!) Once again no compassion for the human race. If this was an animal(aand yes I know an animal can't commit suicide) all this hostility wouldn't be going on. Prayers for peace and comfort for those left behind.
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