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  1. Once again, like religion, politics and science walk hand in hand. When such things happen, as political models change, "science" has to change to match the political model. It's not science...
  2. Like all things in life, moderation is the key. Too much of anything in inevitably harmful to a person...
  3. I was taught how to make Tamales by a Hispanic lady, one of my customers, who ran a food truck (a real food truck, not the fakers that charge 8 bucks for half ass empanadas) and she showed me a soup receipe that has Chicharrón, tomatillos, pigs tails and seasonings that my kids call Mexican Soup. I've had Yucca before but I wasn't impressed with it. Here in the States the stores tend to over charge for the processed Yucca, even though it's cheaper and easier to grow than potatoes, and processing it yourself can be a real chore sometimes. Also you must cook the tubers properly, almost to the
  4. Oh yeah, a lot of the early Hanna Babera and Tex Avery (especially Tex Avery) were very racist cartoons, they were all from that generation of the old guard. They were what they were. I don't agree with them censoring the cartoons though, they are a form of cultural art, be it racist or not, and should be left alone for the sake of posterity. An example of what the times were like back when those cartoons were made and how much things have changed, or in some cases an example of how the more things change, the more they stay the same...
  5. I'm down here in Fairburn working on the phone and data lines at the TomorrowWorld music festival and I've never seen this much prime quaility 20 something hippy wannabe women walking around in booty shorts in my life...
  6. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, when you jump into an enclosure with a 500 lb Tiger, what do you think is gonna happen? A- the tiger is going to adopt you as one of its own and start licking you clean. B- the tiger will somehow sense you are a peace loving, non-violent, animal rights activist with a pure heart and sincere soul and bow to you while you scratch it's fuzzy head and call it Hobbs. C- the tiger is gonna kill you and use your lifeless carcass as it's new chew toy... ... oh... And if you didn't guess... The tiger got a new chew toy...
  7. Change will only usually come if someone makes a profit off it. This isn't always the case, but in the case if Big Pharma, by reading some scientific journals on Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and other plagues of the damned, it certainly makes you wonder if the companies are making more from curing these woes of humanity or keeping those same said woes going. The profits from Metformin are another cash cow for the Pharmacutical companies, however research on developing an actual cure for Type 2 Diabetes have ground to a halt since discovery of a possible pathway for a cure of the condition o
  8. Exactly. There is little to no accountability of the producers of these vaccines that have questionable results or doubts of there actual effectiveness. Any studies carried out to challenge the stated results is ether carried out by a government entity, and since the agency is being accused of being paid off by the producers of the vaccines, the results become incredulous or the independent testing is accused of supporting the opposing side if the test come back as anything but what the lobbiest for the vaccine want. It always takes the deaths of thousands for any real measures to be taken
  9. I think you're missing my point on this subject. Mine is more of the point of giant corporations manipulating the government with lobbiest and political smoke and mirrors to maintain a cash flow thru a captive population that is forced or cajoled through deception to accept these vaccines of dubious natures. Im not an anti-vaccination nut, but the science behind some of the vaccines is questionable at best, such as the flu vaccines. Sometimes I think some people have a "see what they want to see" mentality when people honestly question the process behind matters like this and try to shame a
  10. As I have pointed out on this topic in the past, big Pharma is the largest lobbiest representation of all other Corporations in this country. If big Oil or any other of the "evil" Corporate entities had nearly the same presence and that much input into the say so of the way this country runs its Departments there would be, or in some circles already is, there would certainly be a lot more scrutiny of those Departments. Not so with the Departments in charge of the healthcare in this country. Requiring people to have mandatory vaccines for diseases that have not proven to be a national health
  11. The Amanita Jacksonii, The American Caesar, is supposedly a very good edible. But they are in the family of Amanita which also contain the Death Caps and Destroying Angels which account for almost 90% of world wide mushroom deaths. The entire family of Amanita is not recommended for eating, even though there are many, such as Amanita Jacksonii are eaten by some. I'd personally skip it. The others such as the boletes are edible, but not worthwhile and if they are infected by another fungus as some are in the pic, they can make you sick. The false parasols will make you sick also, they're t
  12. The grey black fungi with white rims, along with the pic of the ones on the trees are bracket fungus which grow on wood. Some of the most common are called Turkey Tails which use to be used in Native American and Southern Folk cures... The pic of the unusual brown mushroom that doesn't look like a mushroom but more like a sea plant is a type of coral or club fungus. Some are edible but others are among the most violently toxic fungus known to man. One species called Podostroma can hurt you just by handling it...
  13. First off. The yellow and red color mushrooms that are brightly colored are Amanita Jacksonii, they're really pretty. I see quite a few boletes, including the pic with the hands, that one looks like a very young velvet bolete. The boletes will have a sponge like pore material under the caps instead of gills. I also see a few false parasols, they have really skinny stems with great big caps and are mostly white and brown. Some of the other pics are too far away or not enough of the mushrooms are visible for me to tell. Some of the boletes I see are infected with another fungus that looks
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