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  1. In Georgia, all workers comp attorneys are limited to a 25% fee plus expenses. Both of which must be submitted and approved by the Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation. No attorney can promise you a cheaper rate, etc. To put this in perspective, most any bar card toting Georgia lawyer can represent your husband and they are limited to the 25% fee. The key is to find a workers comp. Lawyer that specializeses in this field. That will get you the true value of your case and not settle for less and charge you 25% of a cruddy settlement they "negotiated".. Jason Perkins of Carrollton is the
  2. T. Michael Flinn in Carrollton, 770/832-0300 He is the LEMON LAW LAWYER. He specializes in it.
  3. I've been twice. Love this place. The selection and the prices are great!!!
  4. I had surgery to correct a deviated septum. It was not very painful but there was alot of bleeding which made me sick to my stomach. They packed my nose with gauze to go home. My husband made me stop and have a margarita on the way home, which did help...Nothing too painful, just sore for the next few days. Unfortunately, my surgery didn't take and here we are ten years later and I still need to go back and get it re-done. Just been avoiding it...
  5. Just about 3/4 miles further down Austell Road going towards South Cobb the new International Farmer's Market is about to open up. This will be HUGE!!!!
  6. I had a client who had this happen to her and her husband. Her husband was a pitching coach for the ATL Braves. Once day he's out tinkering in the garage and a man walks up and asks him when he is gonna be out of the house as in MOVED OUT and this sets him off and he says he isn't going anywhere get the hell off my lawn! Turns out some low life had forged a sale deed then "sold" their home out from under them. They had to hire Roy Barnes firm to take the banks to task and get the deeds corrected and meanwhile chase potential buyers that kept showing up off their lawn for over A YEAR!!! It was
  7. Anyone know of a 2-3 bedroom house for rent anywhere in PC? Looking far and wide, all help appreciated!
  8. My sister in law had this and it got to be egg sized on her neck, just under her chin before she got it removed. Now whenever she eats something spicy a small patch on the side of her face beads up with sweat/saliva??. Must have re-wired something there during surgery... She is perfectly fine now other than the odd reaction to spicey foods.
  9. Johnny Pizza, (yes that's his name!) the owner, drove for Frank Sr. and went on to be a body guard and driver for Frank Jr. for years. Johnny has pics/autographs galore. When he was with Frank Jr. he rubbed some big elbows in California and Las Vegas. When Frank Jr. retired from touring Johnny opened a Hoboken Cafe in Las Vegas before landing here. His Parents, and two brothers Dr. Pizza, D.C. and Attorney Pizza all moved here from New Jersey over 25 years ago. Johnny and Roger moved here a few years back and opened the Hoboken Cafe here to be near their family. He has his ingredients,
  10. Kelly J. Huff/Marietta Daily JournalComplaints to the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission that a Cobb County judge was abusive in court preceded his abrupt resignation last week. Two Marietta lawyers told the Daily Report they had filed complaints with the JQC reporting abuse of attorneys, defendants and witnesses appearing before Cobb County Chief Magistrate Judge Frank Cox. The judge resigned Jan. 26 in a letter to the governor, saying he was leaving that day for health reasons. Cox couldn't be reached on Monday. The JQC, which serves as the state's watchdog for judges, conducts inv
  11. "Around Town: Cox Resignation Opened Floodgate of Speculation by Joe Kirby, Otis A. Brumby III and Lee B. Garrett, - Around Town Columnists January 31, 2015 MONDAY’S ABRUPT resignation of Cobb Chief Magistrate Judge Frank Cox, ostensibly for health reasons, unleashed a torrent of gossip and speculation at the Cobb Courthouse this week. High-ranking current and former courthouse officials have told Around Town off the record Cox had frequently been “abusive” to the lawyers practicing in his courtroom and had made offensive remarks to women and minorities in his court. As one judge said a
  12. Judge Cox was head of Cobb Magistrate and occaisionally filled in at Cobb State. He riled all the folks at State Court up a few years back wanting to revamp the way things were done, cut costs and he strongly, verbally annouced his plans to spearhead a campaign to eliminate a job or two in State Court to the media. That didn't sit well with many of the State Court Judges and staffers. The official word is he is retiring "due to health reasons", but my money says someone caught him at the Tig Bitty Bar and he had to step down or get outted.... Just what I heard.
  13. Cobb County had cars (4) blocking entrance to Lost Mountain Road this morning, a car with flashers and caution lights at the county line entering Cobb from 120 EB and another Car with his lights on at the Lost Mtn. Ball Park sitting on 120. Anyone have any idea what's up?
  14. Lani Skipper, Talley, Richardson & Cable (770) 445-4438
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