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  1. There's many reasons this could have happened. From soil investigation, to design, to materials, to site prep, to construction. Most likely each one a different entity. Knowing the type of footing would give a narrowing of potential causes. Fixes could run from minor (minor in this case will still be expensive) to partial demolition. Probably be some firming of the lawyer full employment situation.
  2. This oughta cover it. Hope you gots some time: Georgia Underwriting Association – The FAIR Plan The Georgia Underwriting Association or FAIR Plan was implemented by the legislature as a residual insurance market offering homeowners insurance to those residents who are unable to obtain coverage through the private marketplace after being deemed "high risk" often due to filing claims. The GUA of FAIR Plan acts as a complement to the private market and provides peace of mind to Georgians who are left out of the private market due to the area they own property in or because of the dwelling or building they have purchased. The GUA also works with the membership to fight arson, improve safety and to reduce the loss of lives and property as a result of natural disasters. The Plan is especially needed in coastal and island areas such as Savannah where the private insurance companies fear to tread. In these areas, many homeowners are deemed high risk even if they have never filed a homeowners insurance claim. Although coastal areas are better known for being high risk windstorm areas, the state has its share of winter storms, hailstorms and severe weather that arrives often without warning. For those owners of private residents and businesses who cannot obtain insurance in the private market, the Georgia Underwriting Association makes obtaining the necessary high risk home insurance possible. The Georgia Underwriting Association operates similar to other state FAIR Plans in that applicant properties are inspected upon receipt of the homeowners application. Authorized agents are available to make application on behalf of customers seeking coverage in the FAIR Plan. The policies issued are typically written on standard forms and provide many of the coverages available in the private marketplace subject to certain limitations that are approved by the Georgia Insurance Commissioner. Policies written by the Georgia FAIR Plan are assigned to the member companies (private insurers) and profits and losses are spread according to each member’s percentage of accepted risk. As with other state FAIR Plans, Georgia residents have the option of the Georgia Underwriting Association as a last resort to make insurance coverage available for those dwellings or commercial buildings when the homeowners risk is too high and the private insurance marketplace has made it difficult to obtain coverage. As with all FAIR Plans, consumers are urged to try to find coverage in the private market and we can help you find an agent that can help you find alternatives to the FAIR Plan.
  3. Some boilerplate PR: Georgia Underwriting Association mission The Georgia Underwriting Association (GUA) functions as a residual insurance market in order that basic property and liability insurance may be made available to all Georgians. The GUA promotes the health and welfare of the community by only insuring risks that are maintained or improved to meet minimum safety standards. The Insurance industry holds an important place in society. GUA, as a complement to the private market, provides peace of mind for thousands of Georgia individuals, families and businesses who may not find other insurance readily available. And during those unthinkable times when natural disaster hits, we provide the means of recovery for people and communities in need. Beyond this essential mission of providing insurance for the citizens of Georgia, we work with our membership to fight arson, improve home safety, and to reduce the loss of lives and property from natural disasters.
  4. Never been on suicide watch, so I have no reference on how much harder that migh make it. But I've been in a cell like that. Some redneck (said with affection) with skills for making something out of nothing, given enough time and no cell searches, might be able to pull it off. A billionaire used to having somebody wipe his behind for him? Most likely not. Bare minimum.......he had help.
  5. See.....too far.......the rope was there, and you just had to hang us.
  6. The correct answer to that would have been "Yes ma'am, every red blooded American male for 6 counties is aware of that fact." Note the lack of quoting the original post.
  7. I got no theory, but the smell test is gonna be hard to get by. Course it's New York, so there's gonna be a little odor, no matter what.
  8. Same dog, but she's too fat for the sweater. Perspective https://imgur.com/gallery/cpXtxQi
  9. Well theres two ways to go with that. Either y'all messin' with them fancy, extra good lookin' fellers, that don't end up in them sityeeations. Or you was in to guys from Alabama. Low probability of teeth related marks of any kind in Alabama. Had it not been invented in Alabama, it would've been called a "teethbrush".
  10. So.......between y'all ......you seen a many set of teeth marks?
  11. Now people that right there is the way its done. That's how you talk smack about a fella's writing without talking smack about a fella's writing.
  12. On paper, yeah. But, did you know that if there's 4 folks in a car, and a joint in the console, lots of times all 4 people go to jail. So how do I know you ain't got a joint in your pocket? Now here I am in the car with y'all. I don't know these people occifer. (cough, cough) And these aint even my pants! (cough) Its my sisters car so you can't search it! (cough)
  13. I do so hate to explain my humor, much preferring folks to take from it the jokes they write themselves. If you judge from the responses I get in general (not just this instance), many are jokes that I never actually said. But since I had something pulled (it was a mass purge of a thread) that was labeled as either political or racist. Now granted at the very end I may have said something mean about the smell during preparation of some dishes of Asian cuisine. But the purpose was to point out if you live near a meth house, there will be the occasional funky odor. I'm concerned we may get the PC police called down on me here. Since this thread swerved every joke I've thrown was not hateful to an imaginary person or persons. At its base it is, and was intended to be, self deprecating. But sometimes people take my base and run their own direction.
  14. If its not, half or better of my material is shot to hell.
  15. Well, I don't know. They was right there where I could see'em. And it takes a while to get thru an arm.
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