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  1. All my 4 year old wanted this year for Christmas was his daddy home from Afghanistan .... the one present that I could not give .... there are more years that my 5 kids have had Christmas without their daddy than Christmas with him but I will be the first to say that my kids all know that no present in the world even compares to a Christmas with those we love. My family all lives in NY so Christmas is just the kids and I and every year after they open their presents they then pick one to be donated to a child in need ... my 4 year old said but mommy I only want one present and I don't want to
  2. I believe that AR/RT is a very aggressive tumor.
  3. So true ..... I got one here too .... well except he's 14 .... going in 10th grade!
  4. I would choose the musical stairs.
  5. My nine year old daughter still sits in a booster seat and will continue to until she is 4'9". Safety should always come first.
  6. ummmm lets see..... Kids over the age of 1 with a bottle or pacifier. Kids sucking their thumbs, or licking their hands (yes I saw this at walmart this morning) and then touching things on the shelves at the store. Parents who allow their kids to touch, play with, and mess up the toys in the store ..... I mean come on the toy isle shouldn't look like the play room at home. Children screaming and crying in restaurants ..... take them outside, in the bathroom, leave do something as people don't go to a restaurant to listen to someone child scream and cry. Teenagers swearing (cussing)
  7. With Georgia's hot summers and this mornings cold weather I would think that a child in the car with the doors locked could possibly count as an emergency.
  8. Same here ...... The Army did my hubby's vasectomy right after the 8 year old was born. 7 years later I was pregnant again ......Oldest 18 youngest is 14mo
  9. tape a quarter to your back and go as a quarterback
  10. Mark Wolfe 770 445-6358 not sure if this is what you are looking for but worth a call ..... http://www.dallasfamilycounseling.com/j15/index.php?view=article&catid=34:pages&id=46 - Marriage, Family and Parenting Issues - Depression - Panic, Anxiety and Fear - Coping with Life Stress - Loss and Grief - Divorce Adjustment and Recovery - Anger Management and Conflict Resolution - Substance Abuse - Sexual Addiction - Post Traumatic Stress - Sel
  11. My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan. We have 5 children and NO family with-in 1000 miles of us. I think the hardest part is the upcoming holidays...... it is real hard on me and the kids to be alone for the holidays
  12. I would love a turtle or a dog if you still have one available.
  13. we all LOVE Dr. Langford in Hiram ...... he is behind where the Bojangles is going to be
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