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  1. I think he's full of crap, he wants to spend the night with a friend, I did get the phone call about early release though!
  2. My teenager is saying that there is no school tomorrow. His friends said they got the automated phone call, anyone Hear?????
  3. I was simply asking for a county ordinance rule, These people have been there for a while. Another reason why I hate posting on here.
  4. thanks everyone! Thats exactly what I was looking for! smart ass answers
  5. Does anyone know if its illegal to live in a tent behind someones house in a neighborhood. There are 2 tents up in this persons backyard with people living there. It really concerns me, there are so many sex offenders in Paulding county with no addresses listed.
  6. yes, there are 2 tickets $220.00
  7. They are in section 110 row 25. The game is this Saturday. They are playing the San Diego chargers. The ticket price on each ticket is $110.00 each! Thanks in advance
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