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  1. This road is being built extremely close to my property. I don't like the idea of it being that close to us. I'm hoping to be able to go the meeting on Thursday to get more information. Depending on when this baby decides to make an appearance (due Friday) I may or may not be able to go. I guess I'll talk to David about it next time I see him if we can't go. We don't plan on being in this house forever. We'll eventually move into a larger house to accommodate our growing family. I do love the area we live in though. We were planning on buying a couple of lots in the back of our neigh
  2. Yep. We got suckered into it. Little A has a unicorn and a dolphin Baby A has a ladybug and a bumblebee
  3. Hey!!! You guys said there was a carrot in here! Guys?.......Guys?
  4. I heard about this about a month ago. Little A would be absolutely beside herself to meet "Aunt Dolly". She LOVES going to the museum in Dollywood to see all of her fancy dresses!
  5. amanda_rip


    Hey!!! Are we friends on FB??? LOOOOTTTSSS of pix on there! She's going to be a year old in 3 weeks!!!! I'll find you and add you.
  6. amanda_rip


    I became a stay-at-home mom and now I'm busier than ever!
  7. We're always doing workbooks at home. I don't believe it's only up to the teachers to teach my child. I want to see her in action, actually DOING the work, not just bringing it home to me. I want to see how well she knows things, how long it takes her to do it, and the methods which she uses to solve the problems. She's in first grade and her homework is done in less than 5 minutes everyday. She needs more to challenge her, and I provide that at home.
  8. I think they just blocked off the driveway that connects to 381. Their house actually sits off of Frey Rd, I think. If it's not Frey, it's one of the roads that split off of it.
  9. I just saw that. I missed the 'non school' part in the title. Sorry guys!
  10. I always order mine medium because I don't mind if they get a little over or under that....I just think a good steak is wasted if it's cooked all the way through.
  11. I got a new shiny MacBook Pro! I have one awesome Santa.
  12. Ohhh. I've done that before. Stupid thing scratched my bone. Definitely Tetanus shot.
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