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  1. When my last extension ran out I had to go into the office. Everyone kept telling me just to keep certifying but I found out if I didn't go in I would not have been given anymore money.
  2. When I lived in ohio my mom would pick me up from school for lunch..take us to Pizza Hut for personal pan pizzas! That was the best we had an open campus too! However the best memories were on Lake Erie with my family! So many summers on the boat so many boat trips!
  3. I sing at the top of my lungs and dance around with my daughter...SHHHHHHH I can't sing at ALL!
  4. I love when people write how it can't be real like everyone else doesn't already know that! Oh and yes you did mean to be a downer!
  5. My friend just went to Desoto Cavern's and posted the pictures on facebook it sound just like what you are looking for.
  6. The buyer pay you at closing for the money you have already paid...they prorate it.
  7. I am not THAT old I am in my early 30's and when I was in high school we had a couple girls who got pregnant. I didn't know anyone who had a baby while in high school most had them after we graduated. I grew up in St. Louis in a high middle class area, I am saying this because INCOME does make a difference. Statistics show that in poorer income areas it is more likely to have more teen pregnancies. I doubt this same conversation is being held in north Fulton or even east Cobb, but I really want to know why. Why do kids think it will make them better to have kids. Most will never graduate high school MOST will not go to college, MOST will not marry the babies daddy and if they do they will end up divorced. I am so glad I was smart enough to wait until I was older, and I was smart enough to used protection. I plan on teaching my daughter that there is much more to life than just having a baby. That is what my mom taught me and I waited a long time to have my baby just like my mom waited to have me. I think we do as our parents. I mean come on how many teen moms do you see who were children of teen moms?
  8. It was great the first was was just like the movie so I am kinda excited to see what happens...
  9. This never works for me...as I have never been told any of these..but I have been told ashley tisdale we should just say who is your doppelganger
  10. Not for me I have been on UE for a year and they have yet to cancel my benefits. I still have a few more weeks before I will be out looking for a part time job if I can't find a full time that can pay me what I am worth. Humm sounds like you might have a lawsuit on your hands...
  11. No my college degree and on the job training really should be enough for me. I have plenty of experience I just need to find the right fit. Motor City if it had been my husband who lost his job we would have short sold our house by now...
  12. I don't like kids, other than mine, enough... =)
  13. My husband already works by the airport so two cars headed that way is stupid...plus if we got into traffic we might miss pick up time for daycare...those are problems with two working parents. I know it might be picky but atlanta is 45 miles from my house..that is just too far...
  14. money might off set gas but money isn't worth less family time....
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