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  1. The brave men and women in uniform give up so much to preserve our freedom. A huge thanks to them all! Stories like this are awesome!
  2. Miguel had no obligation to turn them in to the police and their possession was unrelated to the crime that followed (other than the mere fact that addicts will do what they can to get more). Chris, to my knowledge, had no obligation to refuse to sell the ammo, or to call the police, so no charges against him. Bubba is guilty of conspiracy in regards to the felony murder. He knew they had weapons, knew they were going to use them in the commission of a robbery/theft, aided them in doing so, and anticipated reward from the venture. He's all in and should be found guilty of felony murder.
  3. @ Mark - I don't think anyone is holding is their breath!
  4. Had lunch at the Dugout today! It was fantastic! Some of the best wings around!
  5. I would be happy to meet with him and discuss the situation. It certainly sounds like he needs to file a contempt action against his ex-wife. Please have him give me a call if he would like to set up a consultation.
  6. And this is why I advise clients to avoid social networking sites when it comes to divorce. People can get really heated and say all sorts of things, and it can lead to charges such as slander, as well as provide ammunition to the opposing party. Sometimes people treat social networking sites the same as they would their best buddy knocking back a few on a Friday night, but it's a huge difference when everyone can see what you're saying. This guy may be successful on appeal, since there was nothing specific in his post, but it wasn't the smartest decision in the world.
  7. Thanks Mom and Pubby. I'm always happy to help!
  8. Glad to see our neighbors are open! It will be nice to have something in walking distance for all those days I work through lunch.
  9. I handle criminal defense work. Before starting my private practice, I was a prosecutor here in Paulding for many years. I would be happy to speak with whoever has a problem. My rates are reasonable and I offer flexible payment plans.
  10. I'm thinking the wife gets the Ipad in the divorce!
  11. You can probably find the documents online. Then you have to pay the filing fee and the publication fees. It's not too complex, but you have to make sure to cross your "t's" and dot your "i's" or the court could reject your petition. If you decide you want someone to look over the packet before you file, just let me know. I have very reasonable consultation fees, and it might be worth a few dollars to make sure you don't pay the filing and publication fees, and then find out it wasn't right.
  12. The distribution of an estate like this depend on a lot of variables, and it's usually well worth the small cost of a consultation with an attorney, when it can make a difference of thousands of dollars. I would be happy to help if you would like to call and schedule a consultation.
  13. Ok, I just have to ask, because I haven't seen anyone else mention this... what was a 7 year old doing at Walmart at 11:00am on a weekday. Shouldn't she have been in school?
  14. Thanks pubby. The guys at the SO didn't nickname a bulldog for no reason!
  15. I sure hope that we're not snowed in for the beginning of Winter Break. We have plans! But, that would certainly explain the flock of geese I saw last weekend. It was the strangest thing. I heard them and looked up. They were headed in a generally northern direction, but they were in a big group, and very disorganized. The entire flock of at least 50 birds just started going in circles. We stood there and watched for a while, because it was so strange, then they finally started going southwest, and got back into a "V" formation. Maybe they were conferencing about the upcoming weather??
  16. Oh, that sounds sooo good. I wish I could get some, but I took a look at their menu, and that fried PB&J has me worried, because my son is HIGHLY allergic to peanut butter. I think I would be too worried to let him anything out of the fryer.
  17. A copy of almost any filed legal document can be obtained from the court where it was filed. For a divorce in Georgia, this is always going to be the Superior Court of the county where the parties were divorced. The same thing would apply for almost any other case filed in Superior Court, with some exceptions, like adoptions, which aren't available. Likewise, evictions and minor civil cases can be found at Magistrate Court. The question is always which court originally handled the case, and that's where you can get the copy.
  18. Troop 306 at Westridge Church would be really close, since it's on 92 between 120 and East Paulding Drive.
  19. We are part of cub scout Pack #306 at Westridge church, and there is a Boy Scout Troop #306 there as well. The website listed by navy has a list of all the troops in the district, as well as the schools each serves, so look through there and see which troops serve your son's school. There will likely be several. Good luck! Scouts is such a rewarding experience.
  20. If there are concerns about being in the room together, or if it is a family law case with a history of domestic violence, the person can ask that it be done in separate rooms. Sometimes mediator prefer to separate the parties, and sometimes they don't. Also, there is not always an extra room available. So, it really depends on a lot of factors.
  21. Yeah, Mark! You and Brandon are awesome!
  22. We are offering $50 consultations through the end of the year. There are still a few time slots available, so please call if you would like to schedule an appointment.
  23. Not only will it still show up in the blood, but it usually makes the blood alcohol levels go up faster and higher, because of more direct access to the blood stream (no pesky stomach to get in the way). It's a very dangerous way to get drunk. I've seen a lot of stories of alcohol poisoning this way. Just crazy!
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