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  1. ......you said that magic word Hoagies! Are you from PA or NJ?
  2. Thank you RM. I can't even bear to look at the photos. I cannot comprehend such evil.
  3. As a professional Petsitter, one of many wonderful ones, this BRINGS ME TO MY KNEES. Please understand that we are all shocked, horrified, and infuriated at this woman's actions. I myself have done some rescue in the past. Please know that I feel she is an abhorrent waste of humanity.
  4. I would think in the next few weeks- but I am not privy to that info. If that situation changes, and u am given permission to share, I will! Edit to say " I am" , not "U am" Lololol Also it is a NON smoking establishment
  5. As I posted in other thread, if you go to the The Place Tavern FB page , they have just put photos up of what it looks like inside - very nice- or just friend me, I shared the photos on my page . To friend me - Wendy Fulton Fenner
  6. If you are on Facebook you can go to website and see photos of how it looks inside! Or you can friend me, I posted them as well. My FB is Wendy Fulton Fenner
  7. They are opening within the month, and are looking for front of house and back of house help. Sister locations are " The Place Bar and Grill Marietta location ( Sandy Plains and Canton Road) and " The Place Bar and Grill " ( Townlake in Kennesaw). I know the Marietta location pretty well, as friends and I often dance there on Sat nights. We are hoping that the new location will work out well because it would be nice not to have to drive nearly an hour to dance! If you are interested in work, contact them!!
  8. Guess what- my livelihood depends on my gas tank being full- I drive about 5 hours a day to complete my service work. I fill up every other day. When I heard - I had 1/2 a tank. Guess what I did.
  9. I am pleased at this point to have a (possible) place in Hiram that might have dancing!
  10. I will be interested to see if they 1) put in a good dance floor, and 2) If anyone in Paulding will go out and dance ( not country line dancing!)
  11. Be interesting to see how this does!
  12. My friend lost one recently she uses that Publix because she lives off of Bobo Road.The band she had was blue
  13. My friend shops there( she lives off of Bobo Road) and lost hers recently- blue band. She can't remember if she lost it in that area though.
  14. I am the lead on our neighborhood Nextdoor. Its been about 5 years - it seems helpful.
  15. Owned by the people who own " The Place Bar and Grill " in Marietta ( Sandy Plains and Canton Road) and another " The Place Bar and Grill " in Townlake/ Woodstock.
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