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  1. Definitely call C. Mark Willix. He is on pcom. He is helping us do exactly the same thing. We close on the new house on Friday, and plan to spruce up the old house and rent it out by August 1. He is handling everything us. Good luck if you decide to make the leap!
  2. My son had it done at that age. He was up and running around in no time, and didn't seem to be any more uncomfortable than having a sore throat. he loved all the ice pops. His health has been so much better since then. Good luck!
  3. With the 20% off, I will definitely be looking for some things for the new house!
  4. Thanks for letting us know. Praying for her.
  5. Be careful with dinosaur bedding. My son has loved dinosaurs for years, and when he was about 4, my mother bought a set of dinosaur sheets for his bed at her house. He REFUSED to sleep in the room after that. He finally admitted, months later, that he was afraid the dinosaurs were going to bite him! You just never know with kids.
  6. A lesson that we learned when switching to U-verse - a lot depends on how far you are from the box. we were originally told that we would get 4 channels, 2 HD and 2 SD. After months of problems, they decided that we were too far from the box to get 4 channels and downgraded up to 3 (1 HD, 2 SD). On top of that, we have problems any time that it rains, which is really annoying, especially at times like the recent tornado outbreak. However, despite the problems, the customer service was pretty responsive, and the service is still more reliable than comcast ever was. As far as price, we were able to negotiate with them, and got a lot of rebates in the form of Visa check cards. They also gave us credits whenever we had any major problems with service (credited a whole month at one point), so overall, fairly satisfied. One downside for us - a lot of the network shows that are on demand with comcast are not on demand with uverse. we've learned to live without them.
  7. Most officer will actually wait until they know there is a safe spot to pull over, both for them and the driver they are stopping, but defintiely follow the advice above about putting on your blinker and slowing down to acknowledge the officer. As long as you let the officer know you're going to stop and you're not trying to run, it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Please let me know if you have used someone and had a good experience. Please let me know **privately** if you have used someone and had a bad experience. Thanks in advance for all responses!
  9. If we weren't so close to getting our new home, with your amazing help, I would absolutely be there! For those still looking... definitely listen to this man! He has made the process of buying a HUD home very easy. Looking forward to closing later this month!
  10. If you're doing things right, an educated client is always the best. And you're rocking it! Way to go!
  11. I've heard Dr. Vick is great. One of his partner's did my son's surgery when my son was only three, but he did great. My son was up and running around the hospital within a few hours. Good luck!
  12. Cub Scout Pack 306 will be at West Ridge Church on Friday from 6:30-8:00pm to collect items to take to Ringgold. Here is the list of items they are trying to collect: Tarps Roofing nails Hammers Work gloves, rubber gloves Cleaning supplies Personal hygiene items (deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine items, etc.) Diapers, baby food, etc. Large garbage bags - heavy duty black kind and kitchen regular size Non-perishable food (also other drinks like juice boxes, etc.) and re usable grocery bags First aid items Dog food/cat food - getting lots of requests for this - (all some of these people have left are their pets) *smaller bags or I can put in large ziplocs Socks Underwear I have also heard there is a large need for batteries and the emergency cell phone chargers.
  13. I had the privilege of judging some of the senior projects at SPHS last night, and I just want to send out a big kudos to all the young men and women who presented last night. There were some really amazing presentations. Way to go!
  14. Will there be anything for the little ones to do?
  15. Earlier this week my Dad was looking for some hardware that he wasn't able to find at the big box stores, and he didn't want to order online because it was more to ship it than to buy it. I suggested he stop by Ace and he found it there with no problem at all. He was very pleased with the customer service. We are very glad our neighborhood store is open again!
  16. I decided not to get one, since my mother bought one, and she calls me whenever something serious pops up in our area. It's pre-screening for my weather alerts!
  17. I can't wait. It looks like there are going to be some fantastic stuff and lots of great entertainment!!
  18. Thanks Mark! You're pretty awesome yourself!
  19. I think that cops are human, just like the rest of us. They struggle every day to do a tough job for minimal pay, and, yes, sometimes even cops make mistake and do things wrong. While cops should certainly know better, since they are charged with keeping the letter of the law, the uniform doesn't make them any less subject to human error (or stupidity).
  20. I completely agree. I have met so many wonderful people through this site. Pcom is such a great way to keep in touch with the community. Thanks PUBBY!!!!
  21. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your kind comments.
  22. Doing a drive to collect movies and books could be a great idea. I know we have a whole box that we just put into storage, that we could donate instead. It never occurred to me to donate them to the Children's Hospital.
  23. My Dad uses a "moat" on all his feeders. It's worked well for years. Typically he'll take the top off an aerasol type can (hairspray, etc), and put a hole just large enough to put it on the hook, then put it on upside down and fill it with water. I'm not sure if he uses anything to seal around the hole, though he must or it would probably leak. You could probably google and get better directions. It has worked well for him.
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