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  1. No me. Flo is expensive. That's why I switched to Southern States.( or will in July)
  2. Xtreme Fitness on Hiram Sudie and 92 has them.. I want to say it's $25 a month... and that's unlimited classes and you can even do Kickboxing classes. They offer serveral classes throught the week... Tina is the instructor.
  3. TMMG... I absolute understand why you questioned it. They will make calls just like Mr.Dis said...and once you tell them NO...they have to have a court order to come. They have to show a judge why and it has to be pretty substantial. It can't be a he said...she said type situation. UNLESS there has been an officer called out to the house and he sees something. So many types of things happen behind the scenes that most wouldn't believe. It would really blow your mind. I sometimes feel sorry for the DFACS workers. They are OVERLOADED like you wouldn't believe and have no $$ to hire people.
  4. Yes, I'm a CASA volunteer... and just because one person thinks you're a bad parent don't make you one. I've seen where parents do all they can to provide a roof over the kids head and barely food on the table...but it's still home to them. Just because someone doesn't live like the Jones don't make them bad parents. I had lesson in this...I had to eat humble pie. Not saying you are wrong or right... but DFAC's isn't in the service of just removing kids just because... Are they in danger? What types of life threatening positions are they in?
  5. Even for as bad as I am... Warn Status < -30 ( -9 ) 10 >
  6. Well it's sad that my thread got closed. Pubby is notorious for deleting peoples post....and that is exactly what he should have done instead of closing the thread.
  7. I wouldn't go to the basketball courts or the park in Hiram after dark either... The Walmart is also sketch...
  8. I have a family member who has PSTD........... and was never in the military. Many people who are not in the military have it.
  9. I'd like to know who compares St. Simon Island........with Paulding County..... really... LMAO
  10. that airport was built for the Navy...and was given back to Civilian use after WW2. You would have to have a charter fly in there... one of the only companies flying out of there is Golden Isles. Other than having your own plane... you will have to fly into Brunswick (delta) or Jacksonville. No other air service like Allegiant Air is there that offers such.
  11. Go have lunch across the street from Brown Field... I dare ya! You won't need any research Or get gas right there on the corner... watch how many prostitues pop up all the sudden.. or the guys slinging dope there.. How many pilots do you think stays at that Motel right outside Brown Field? Yeah... NONE.
  12. I really couldn't stop laughing... I spent 4 weeks at an airport in TN that had a NG base...and was it loud... yep. But I never saw anyone ducking for cover or running around like they just experienced Vietnam
  13. I didn't do the research... YOU asked me to show you some...and I DID. Now...guess since I did that and I WORK in the field.. You blow me off.. No matter what I showed you...YOU tried to spin it as to ME not knowing what I'm talking about and that the airport doesn't contribute to the crime. It brings lower property values and abandoned houses and business. In return it brings crime. Have you never heard of Broken Window Theory? Here's another little tid bit for ya... I'm also a female working in this field...with a BS in Civil Engineering. SO, would you like for me to keep going on and
  14. Yes... I work for the FAA... I'm a field inspector for them... I certify airports all over the southeast. I work hand in hand daily with Airport Managers and owners. (yes there are still private airports)
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