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  1. My Husband was born and raised in Smyrna. His Mom still lives in the house where he grew up. And Fat boys was an awesome place. Haven't tried there new restaurant, but hear it is just as good if not better
  2. I used Choice Chimney Sweep. 770-652-1634. Paulding Business Was very knowledgeable, Honest and did a great job reasonable prices. Ask for Vance
  3. We used Mr. Guthrie for years but can no longer get ahold of him. We found someone in our community that does a great job, honest, knows what he's doing and reasonably priced. Choice Chimney Sweep 770-652-1634 Ask for Vance.
  4. O'Rileys... should be open mid august
  5. Hate that they closed too. The other place is way to loud and crazy!!!! Hard to enjoy with all the craziness. What about the balls that are waiting to be drilled or orders that have been placed and waiting on arrivals????? Are they still finishing those out?
  6. Still available I will post pics in the am
  7. My Daughter has a wooden jungle gym in her back yard that she wants gone... you must take down,and haul. FREE Can send picture if interested.
  8. Once again, Rick you rock!!!! Got my firewood yesterday. And as always nice and seasoned and even got good bunch of kindlin to go with it. We have used Rick for over 10 years and he has the best wood out there. !!!!!!
  9. There are a a lot of wreckless people that drive cars and trucks - that does not mean that they are all bad, same goes for motorcycle riders. I think the bad eggs are the exception to the rule. If you don't believe me show up at a benefit ride, better yet show up at a soldier's funeral when the Patriot Guard is standing in a flag line for the family.
  10. I can honestly say Loud bikes or not, Bikers are the most passionate people you will ever come across!!! They will always have your back and be the first to come together to support a great cause, benefit or fundraiser. I'd take loud pipes over Loud crappy banging base any day of the week!!!!
  12. The Food Depot associates were very helpful. Although they have cameras that span the entrance way and a bit into the parking lot, it was not span far out enough to show the area in which I parked. The culperate could of at least left contact info on the winshield or something. Needlees to say it has been a very stress filled morning. Luckily I have a Husband that shows concern and not afraid to speak out on my behalf.
  13. From my understanding.... an argeement will probably be made in the eleventh hour on August 31. This has happened in the past with aetna... I am hope an agreement is made. It would suck having to change DRs...
  14. Frontier Steak house has gone down hill in their quality of steaks. I would try The Steakhouse instead
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