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  1. Hubs is worried about this....I have to have coffee in the mornings.
  2. Nothing works on mine......doctor said it's hormones.......he can be rank even though he bathed and put on deodorant before leaving home.
  3. Have you actually "weighed" what your out of pocket costs should you go to the doctor versus your month cost if you don't happen to go to the doctor? Sat with a neighbor last week and showed her what she (without emergencies - just normal visits) would spend with the higher deductible, lower premium, less coverage than paying through the nose for something she wouldn't use. She was amazed.
  4. I have an HSA - 5800 deductible, NOW $789 per month for 3 very healthy people. I work in a doctors office - don't think you are alone. Practically every patient that walks in our door has been affected (and are affecting us by being upset AT US because we can't help them with their insurance). And, honestly, while everyone is fussing about what they are paying, doctors are seeing less and less reimbursement. I foresee docs making changes to how/what they accept and then our government stepping in to "force" acceptance. It's hard to see a patient, file the insurance for - say - our usual m
  5. I missed the tree lighting this year, but the Pink Hog is a family tradition to be carried on to my children and grandchildren!
  6. I needed two ingredients for a recipe this afternoon and the Publix was NUTS! People were getting frustrated/short tempered in the aisles. I think the schools will close due to the cold/wind chill. Busted pipes may be a problem as well as heat not being able to keep up.
  7. I agree if there are different genders involved or summer/winter babies. When I give a shower - of any kind - I buy nice quality thank you notes and have each person self address an envelope as they walk in, then give the notes and self addressed envelopes (which I've placed stamps on) to the bride/mom/etc. I was tired of hearing of people not receiving thank yous - which I think is extremely rude! I do believe some younger people just expect everyone to buy everything for them - no matter how many marriages/babies. I gave a bridal shower 5 years ago, the marriage was the first for both, n
  8. Call Sammy at A1 Gutters...have used them for years. (770) 966-5327
  9. I've read through this entire thread and the thing that bothers me most is that no one "gets it" that the doctors are being screwed as badly as the patients.....I'm not sure who is winning here. The costs associated with providing medical care are ridiculous....Nothing in the ACA has changed that - only made it worse. I sat and filed insurance for my office for two hours today. We see what we will be paid when we file. It's crazy. So we see a patient who pays a $25 copay and then the insurance "allows" us $60 reimbursement. $85 total. How many patients must a doc see per hour to cover h
  10. Where Kaiser allowed for their insureds to see specialists outside of Kaiser, our practice has received notification that Kaiser will no longer allow for that....they are requiring you to go to their specialists, many of which are not at every location, so your travel may be longer......This was direct to our practice from Kaiser.
  11. Yeah, we're being asked what it will cost, too.....we have absolutely no clue.....each and every plan is different for each individual. And, people are upset with us that we don't know.
  12. Lady had no insurance card with her and is a new patient. Conversation: Lady: I know we have insurance, look at my husbands records. Me: Husband hasn't been in in over a year, do y'all still have ABC insurance? Lady: Whatever he has in his records Me: I've called the insurance company and they indicate you no longer have this insurance. As the Good Lord is my witness she says - Well, call my husband at home. He handles all the insurance. Dumbfounded, I asked if she would please give him a call. She looked at me and seriously said - Well, I don't need to know the insurance information
  13. Guess we should all go to work for a Democratic representative somewhere - maybe the promise "If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance and if you like your dr. you can keep your doctor" doesn't cross party lines???
  14. My link A Long Island businesswoman wants to build a massive “Chinese Disneyland” in the Catskills — which would include an amusement park, huge mansions and a “Forbidden City” laid out according to the principles of Feng Shui. The China City of America scheme could bring thousands of wealthy Chinese immigrants to the tiny Sullivan County town of Thompson, under a federal program that lets foreigners get visas by investing $500,000 in the US. The mastermind behind the plan, Sherry Li, says the development would eventually draw $6 billion in foreign investment. “We can kind of view it as
  15. That's another thing - people call with "emergencies" then can't come in when you tell them what time would be best (so they don't wait as long) and then get - Well, that time doesn't work, can I come at (insert time). Or, the ones that show up right before closing with an "emergency" and tell us it's been going on for three days, but they had stuff to do.
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