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  1. Now comes the hard part... recovery... will keep up the prayers.
  2. Who says the wife knew what he was doing?
  3. What a joy she must be. My son (7 y.o.) just decided to give his birthday money to charity. He's always concerned with people who don't have enough to eat. Kids are just amazing. Please let us know what she'll be doing so we can help support her efforts.
  4. 1) Document the calls - date and time, what is said 2) try to record the conversation - sometimes a cheap mini-recorder can do the job, though test it out first to make sure the recording can be heard 3) once you have a recording, report it. The SO can do a subpoena to get the records from the cell phone company and track down the caller Good luck!
  5. January does great pictures. We got some great pics with the bunny!
  6. I think it's awful that this young man is going to be faces charges on top of this terrible loss. Officers have discretion in how they handle cases, and I can't believe they are going to file charges for something like this. I've made that turn a hundred times, and it's a terrible intersection. It's almost impossible to see the oncoming traffic if anyone is sitting in the opposite turn lane. My prayers for his family, and for the others involved. I hope at least the prosecutor and the judge show some compassion in this case.
  7. Give me a call. I'll be happy to talk to you about it.
  8. You mean to tell us that you don't have a single story about something crazy being found in a garden at the beginning of spring planting?
  9. In another article it said he posted on his FB page: "1st Degree Murder trial - Mistrial" like he was proud of it. What an idiot!
  10. There might be a log-in. I just go directly from the newsletter I get. Here's the text of the article from the ABA website: ‘Astonished’ Judge Declares Murder Mistrial Due to Defense Lawyer Who Never Tried a Case Posted Apr 4, 2011 6:00 AM CDT By Debra Cassens Weiss A Washington, D.C., judge declared a mistrial in a murder case Friday, saying he was “astonished” at the performance of the defense lawyer who confessed to jurors he’d never tried a case before. Judge William Jackson said lawyer Joseph Rakofsky did not have a good grasp of legal procedures, citing as an example the attorney’s rambling opening statement in which he told of his inexperience, the Washington Post reports. Rakofsky graduated from Touro law school in 2009 and obtained a law license in New Jersey less than a year ago, the story says. Rakofsky had repeated disagreements with his local D.C. counsel, causing his client, Dontrell Deaner, to become “visibly frustrated,” the Post says. On Friday, Deaner told the judge he wanted a new lawyer. The judge declared a mistrial after reviewing a court filing in which an investigator had claimed Rakofsky fired him for refusing to carry out the lawyer's emailed suggestion to "trick" a witness, the story says. Rakofsky's suggestion allegedly read: “Thank you for your help. Please trick the old lady to say that she did not see the shooting or provide information to the lawyers about the shooting.” Afterward, Rakofsky refused to comment and rushed out of the courthouse, the story says.
  11. A judge recently declared a mistrial in a murder case because of the defense attorney's incompetance. He had never tried a case before!!! UNBELIEVABLE! A waste of limited state resources, and possibly someone getting away with murder, if the State decides it doesn't want to do another trial. Link to article:
  12. It's so wonderful that you are donating back to the SGK Foundation. I'll stop by soon and get some shirts. It's a great gift to honor mom's on Mother's Day.
  13. I had a doc that once recommended biotin to help with nail growth... I think it says it's good for hair too. Just use some caution, because you never know if there might be some interaction if you're taking anything else.
  14. I'm surprised they would jeopardize the opportunity to make a deal with the prosecutors. A defect in Grand jury indictment can be easily corrected by re-indicting. But the prosecutor may not be willing to plea it out the next time around.
  15. The hardware store across from Paulding Plaza had a sign up last week.
  16. I might be interested in getting it for firewood. Can you send me a PM with what area of the county you are in? I tried to PM you, but I won't go through!
  17. My husband works at the Georgia Aquarium, and for the most part the commute isn't too bad. He used to work in Norcross, and we happy to be working downtown again. A lot depends on your timing. When he has to be there at 9am, it's the worst traffic, but if you can arrange to work off hours, like 7-4 or 10-6, it's not too bad. Typically he's home in 45-50 minutes, and it's about an hour at peak times (we're in East Paulding).
  18. There is space opening up in my office building. It is on Merchants Drive, so it has great visibility. I believe it will be available May 1. It has a lobby/reception area, 2 large offices, and a conference room/3rd office, as well as additional space downstairs. If you are interested, PM me for more information.
  19. Many parents make the option to create a durable power of attorney for their children, in case there is an emergency in their absence. Although most people don't do this until they are planning a trip out of town without the children, many make the power of attorney permanent, and not just a temporary fix while they are on that one trip. It is something to consider if you regularly leave your child in the care of a family member or close friend. As others have mentioned, a hospital will only do what is absolutely necessary to stablize your child without your consent, and usually will not take consent over the phone, because there is no record of your consent to protect them in the event something goes wrong. And, the power of attorney is revocable, if circumstances change. I recommend this to anyone who is not with their child all the time, just as I recommend that anyone with a child has a will in place to determine what happens to the child upon their death. Statistically, you won't need either document while your kids are minors, but we all know that things can happen, and it's best to have every safeguard in place to know that your children will be as protected as possible. If you have additional questions, feel free to PM me.
  20. Do I really have to pick just one??
  21. About to hit the store and figure out tonight, but huge thanks to surepip for last night's dinner... I used your dough recipe to make pizza, and put lots of grilled veggies on top. It was wonderful!
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