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  1. Sorry that is not the color of the one that was found.
  2. My sister found a fit bit in the parking lot of the Publix on East Paulding Drive. If it's yours we want to get it back to you. Tell us what color it was and what store/resturant it was found in front of and we will get it back to you.
  3. If anyone knows of any rental property that would be suitable for a church, please let me know. I'm looking for something in the North Paulding / South Bartow County area. Thanks.
  4. We were at our church (Hickory Heights on Dabbs Bridge Road) and a helicopter landed in our parking lot. An ambulance was there to transfer a patient to the helicopter. After a couple of minutes the ambulance left with the patient then the helicopter took off. A fireman came up to us and said that they were doing CPR on the patient and there was not enough room in the helicopter to continue CPR so they didn't use the helicopter. The fireman said that the "child" was hit by a car on Fergerson off of 61N. Later FB post said that the teenage boy was body surfing on a car, fell off and
  5. If I was forced to carry it, I would have no problem doing so.
  6. I have a gun. I have a permit. I have yet to carry my gun anywhere except when I am on vacation. I worked 30 years in the Law Enforcement field (as a civilian). What is going on now everywhere is so much worse than it was back in the day. Will I ever carry? Maybe. If I do,, it will be concealed. Just saying.
  7. So how did they both get shot with one bullet. Did it go thru the Mama first or the little girl? Praying for this family.
  8. I was bored so I clicked on the link for this forum to see if I have been missing anything. Now I know I haven't.
  9. When I first heard about him molesting his sisters, I felt sorry for the girls and disgusted with him. I loved watching this family on TV. I knew this was just one thing that anyone who isn't a Christian to rush to judgment and talk about how horrible Christians are. Being a Christian, I feel that sin is a sin and if he asked for forgiveness and turned from his wicked ways, he is just like me with all my sins. Now this comes up. Yes, I think he is a slimeball. I feel so bad for his parents. I know they didn't raise him this way. He has a sinful heart and is very selfish. He has no
  10. Does anyone have info on how this wreck happened? I live close to that intersection. It's always scary pulling out there. Thanks
  11. So Sad. I'm waking up to hear of a police officer killed. WSB says that he had been an officer for 28 years. I'm just so sad. Edited to add: My "I" on my laptop isn't working unless I hit it hard. I can not edit my title. Can an admin fix it. I'm sorry.
  12. I believe that UGADawgs told the truth.
  13. My Bue died 4 years ago, but all she ate was Beneful. After the vet put her down, he said that she had a large mass in her stomach area. She was 13 years old, but it makes me wonder now. We feed our Star the same food, but she does not eat much of it. She is spoiled and prefers people food. I know, I know......she is too spoiled.
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