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  1. our UPS man here in Lithia Springs was telling us that one of his customers told him that his new pick up truck was broken into this weekend at the Hiram Hooters and his gun was stolen out of his truck.
  2. We usually smoke our Turkey, but this year I am thinking of getting one of the large turkey browning bags and cooking it in that. The browning bag will keep it very moist and it will allow it to brown nicely. No basting required.
  3. That is wonderful I hope it works out, I have 5 and a dog or I would take them.
  4. Taz I hope you find a home for them, we got the Russian Blue from you last fall and he is a wonderul very loving cat.
  5. I go in there everytime my husband and I go to the Pool Place. I've bought several items from him. Very friendly
  6. Hey Mark, I miss you on here. We had a great buying experience with Mark.
  7. Boy I'm a ding bat when I first read that yesterday I thought what a stupid name for a sandwich shop. LOL
  8. I saw this on the news and it breaks my heart, what the heck is wrong with kids? They can be so mean. I always stressed to my boys growing up to never make fun of anyone that is different from you or for any other reason for that matter. I wish more parents today would stress this point.
  9. Subby, Married with Children comes on every weekday morning twice at 6:30 and 7, or 7 and 7:30. We watch it after the news. I think it is channel 39 on Comcast
  10. Barrycdog, I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. Thoughts to you and the family
  11. Thanks, sounds pretty much like how i do the Brats, I grill and have on a bun with grilled onions and peppers with spicey mustard. Sometimes I add Sour Kraut (sp) Yum-yum I'm hungry now.
  12. I love Love the smoked pork chops from Patak. I have to ask what is a Scottish banger?
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