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  1. That's where we get them. We smoke 3-4 at a time for the scouts. They turn out great!
  2. After such a crazy week, I was wondering if it was a blue moon or something like that. Certainly explains a lot
  3. Wait until after the divorce. Until things are final, this is still adultery, and just complicates the divorce. Trust me, lots of people jump into another relationship too soon, and things get real ugly real fast!!! Once the judge puts pen to paper, do what makes ya happy!
  4. I have a friend who is a high school German teacher - very fluent, used to live in Germany. I'm sure I can get you in touch if you like. PM me your info.
  5. I would be happy to meet with your friend to discuss the options available to her. Child support, alimony and division of assets are very fact specific, so there's no way to tell what she can expect based on the facts that you've presented here. There are ways to get assistance while the divorce is pending. If she'd like to come in for a consultation, she can just call the office to schedule it. I have a couple of appointments available over the next few days.
  6. I was amazed by how Dr. Mohip at Wolf Family Dentistry handled my son's first filling last month. She was so good with him that he didn't even know that she used Novocaine on him. We had explained to him beforehand what to expect, and afterwards he kept telling me that he didn't have to get a shot. He had no clue that she'd used the Novocaine! That really impressed me! My husband and I use her as well, and she's been great with us too. I'm a huge baby when it comes to the dentist. She and her staff are so patient with me, and make me feel very comfortable. I wouldn't go to anyone but her!
  7. I always used Jennings Music on Canton Road. It been a few years since I've been in band, but I bought several instruments from them, took lessons there and had all my repairs done there. They were always fantastic!
  8. Dr. Mohip at Wolf Family Dentistry on Dallas Highway. She's amazing and my 8 year old loves her! Wolf Family Dentistry
  9. Here is a notice that Aetna sent out to some of the employers they have contracts with, which sheds a little light on what's going on: Network Update July 27, 2012 WellStar Health System (WellStar Cobb Hospital, WellStar Douglas Hospital, WellStar Kennestone Hospital, WellStar Paulding Hospital, and WellStar Windy Hill Hospital) with locations in Cobb, Douglas, and Paulding Counties, GA may terminate from our Atlanta GA Aetna network effective August 31, 2012 Highlights Our contract with WellStar Health System (WellStar Cobb Hospital, WellStar Douglas Hospital, WellStar Kennestone Hospital, WellStar Paulding Hospital, and WellStar Windy Hill Hospital) has a scheduled 8/31/2012 termination date. Aetna and WellStar have been in negotiations for a new contract. WellStar is requesting a significant rate increase for their new contract. We continue to work very closely with WellStar towards reaching an agreement that is in the best financial interest of our members, customers and Aetna prior to the termination date. Negotiating reimbursement rates with health care providers is a key component to controlling costs that is directly connected to our ability to provide affordable health care coverage for our members. All services provided by the WellStar hospitals are available at alternate participating hospitals. Medicare member letters were mailed the week of July 1st in compliance with CMS guidelines. Commercial member letters will be generated and mailed the week of July 30th. Hospital Locations WellStar Cobb Hospital 3950 Austell Road Austell, GA 30106 WellStar Douglas Hospital 8954 Hospital Drive Douglasville, GA 30134 WellStar Kennestone Hospital 677 Church Street Northeast Marietta, GA 30060 WellStar Paulding Hospital 600 West Memorial Drive Dallas, GA 30132 WellStar Windy Hill Hospital 2540 Windy Hill Road Marietta, GA 30067 There are 379 WellStar employed physicians who may also terminate effective 08/31/2012. This includes 178 primary care physicians (PCPs) and 201 specialists. Of the 201 specialist providers, 34 are Aexcel designated. A listing of these participating physicians is included with this communication. There are 351 participating physicians who have exclusive admitting privileges to a WellStar Health System hospital. This includes 96 primary care physicians (PCPs) and 255 specialists. Of the 255 specialist providers, 66 are Aexcel designated. A listing of these participating physicians is included with this communication. We will be working to keep in-network those physicians who gain privileges at other Aetna participating hospitals. Alternate Hospitals available A listing of alternate participating hospitals in the area where employees and their dependents can continue to access care is included with this communication. WellStar Health System may terminate their contract for the following product(s): HMO Aetna Open Access® HMO Quality Point-of-Service® (QPOS®) Aetna Choice® POS Aetna Health Network OptionSM (HNO) Aetna Health Network OnlySM (HNO) Aetna MedicareSM Plan (HMO) Aetna MedicareSM Plan (PPO) Managed Choice® POS Aetna Choice® POS II Aetna Open Access® Managed Choice® POS Elect Choice® EPO Aetna Open Access® Elect Choice® EPO Aetna SelectSM Open Access Aetna SelectSM Open Choice® PPO Aetna Healthfund® National Advantage™ Program Member letters We sent letters to the following employees and their dependents: Employees and their dependents who have been treated by a Primary Care Physician at least once in the past 12 months. Employees and their dependents who have selected a Primary Care Physician. Employees and their dependents who have been treated by a specialist provider at least twice in the past 12 months. Employees and their dependents who have utilized the terminating hospital at least twice in the past 12 months. We will help with transition of care Aetna’s standard transition of care policy will apply to members actively in a course of treatment. If any of your employees will require frequent or continuing consultation with a specialist physician for ongoing covered care, the employee should contact his or her current PCP who can help arrange transfer of that care to a similar specialist in the Aetna network. If the member does not have a relationship with a PCP, the member should check DocFind® and other available resources to help find another specialist in the Aetna Network. In addition, we want to help maintain continuity of care coverage if any of your employees are currently undergoing treatment for serious illness, pregnancy or injury with a specialist affiliated with the affected facility. In such an instance, our National Precertification clinical staff will review these cases and, when necessary, offer assistance to members who require transition of care coverage by directing the member to Aetna Member Services or DocFind. For a limited time and when appropriate, Aetna will cover certain ongoing medical care for a serious illness for a specified period at the preferred level of benefits, rendered by a specialist who no longer participates in the network. DocFind/directory information We will remove the WellStar Health System hospitals from our DocFindÒ online directory at the next scheduled update, after the contract is terminated. Physicians that have not obtained admitting privileges at another participating hospital on or before the termination date will also be removed from DocFind during the same update cycle. Current printed provider directories include the WellStar Health System hospitals. These Hospitals will be removed from the next directory edition. DocFind is updated nightly, and is the most current source of participating physician and hospital information. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you need additional information. We appreciate your support as we continue to try to address the rising cost of health care services for Atlanta GA area employers and residents. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes in our local network.
  10. Not that you asked, but I felt like I should throw in my 2 cents here - I don't know Mr. Collins either, but I fully support Martin Valbuena. I have known him for many years, both as an attorney and as a judge. I have the utmost respect for him in both capacities. He is always fair and listens to all sides. He knows how to manage the court efficiently, especially considering the budgetary cuts the county has imposed. I can't imagine anyone else who could do the job better than he does it.
  11. I'm fairly certain that there are no probation fees in these types of cases. Typically probationers only pay fees if they are having to report to the probation office each month. In these cases, the kids attend the class within the 30 days, and the probation officers are in the courtroom during the class, and close the case of each person who attends. Since there is no reporting, there shouldn't be any fees required.
  12. The reason she got probation is to make sure she goes to the course. The judge started ordering young offender to attend a course that addresses the dangers of distracted driving, such as texting, eating in the car, or just hanging out with friends and jamming to the music. These are some of the most dangerous and fatal activities for teen drivers, and after seeing so many of our teens die here in Paulding, the judge now how all young offenders attend, hoping that it may save their lives. So, the probation is in place so that the judge has a way to enforce the requirement of attending the class. If she let them just pay the fine and told them to attend the class, she would have no power over that person once they left the courtroom. I know probation sounds harsh, but it's just a process by which the court oversees those who are required to attend the course. I was able to be there when Judge Andersen first presented the course to county leaders and law enforcement. It sends a pretty powerful (although graphic) message, and I think it should be required viewing for any teen getting a license.
  13. My husband is cubmaster, and I'm treasurer, and chair several committees. Being a scout leader is definitely hard work, but so rewarding. I love that we can do so much together as a family, and to see the boys grow and learn is amazing, especially as the older boys take on leadership roles and begin helping the younger boys. Kudos to those of you that have been involved for so long!
  14. You're right - last night was a great way to start the year. I think everyone is going to have a blast this year!
  15. As the school year starts up, it's time to start thinking about registering your boys for scouts. Scouting is an excellent opportunity for boys to learn about teamwork, leadership, responsibility, service to our community, and a wealth of other lessons that will help them grow up to be strong young men. My son is a member of Pack 306 in the East Paulding area. This will be his third year in the pack, and he absolutely loves it! If you have a boy who may be interested in scouting, feel free to send me a message and I will give you more information about our pack. If you are not in our area, check out beascout.org to search for the pack or troop that's closest to you. We have Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops throughout Paulding County. www.BeAScout.org
  16. Although I would certainly love to see the Westboro group stopped, I'm not sure that this law is going to accomplish that. It will probably take years to get before the Supreme Court, but I expect it will be deemed an unconstitutional restriction on free speech. The government has the ability to put restrictions on free speech, if there is a compelling government reason, but I'm not sure that this will qualify. When the time comes, we need to hope that honoring our fallen soldiers is a compelling enough government reason for putting these restrictions on protestors. It certainly is in my book.
  17. Spray paint usually isn't a good sign - it's typically used to mark the scene for later investigation, which is usually only done if there is a fatality. Praying for all involved.
  18. Update: we decided to wait and finally got food an hour and a half later. Not bad, but nothing special. Not worth the higher prices though.
  19. We decided to try it for dinner. After waiting a few minutes for the hostess to take our name, we were told it would be a 30 minute wait, despite the fact that they have a bunch of empty tables. The wait is because the kitchen is behind, so they're not seating tables. I'm not sure I understand that rationale... Make hungry guests stand outside instead of seating us at empty tables, giving us some chips and salsa, and letting us run up a drink tab. I hope these are kinks that will get worked out over time, because if this continues, I'm not sure they are going to last very long. And that would be a shame.
  20. Gmail/google calendar is a good option. I used it for my office for quite. You can actually set up a free domain with them, and create separate logins for each person in the company, and then share them with varying permission levels (ability to view only, see free/busy, edit, etc). We started to have a few issues with reliability though (appointments would disappear, which is not a good idea for any business!!!). We recently switched to Microsoft 365. They have outlook online, and it can sync with any smartphone. It works like a server, and the monthly fee is fairly small. Obviously the free google calendar is the cheaper option, but Microsoft 365 has been very reliable, and works great for us, both in the office and mobile. I have it synced with i-phone, i-pad, laptop, and everyone has remote internet access as well.
  21. We love Henry's and have celebrated our anniversary there. We also went to the Old Mill Restaurant in Acworth recently, and it was great! Where ever you end up going, enjoy and Happy Anniversary!
  22. sounds a lot like my business card. McD's when I'm traveling to or from court, and a few apps to help me be more productive. Now, if it's thousands of dollars we're talking about, that's a different story, but I'm taking a guess it's not that much or we would have gotten the numbers.
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