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  1. How do I find if someone is on the list in Paulding county?
  2. Have a friend who needs a job like cleaning a house.office or store. Her name is Carolyn phone no is 770-505-9726.If you know of anyone please pass this on.Some of you may know her. She worked at Pizza Hut for 18 yrs.
  3. I know just how you feel.Someone shot our cat with a 22.He died.Wasn't a year old.
  4. I was thinking about putting up a sign Pick Up Trash.Its next to an old house that's been really fixed up.
  5. I was riding down Willow Springs Rd while ago and where they are cutting down and clearing trees for the new road there was so much trash being littered I mean lots of cups paper bags plates and bottles it was horrifying. It was in a large area isn't there a law about this?Theres a business trailor there where trash can be put instead of them littering up our road.Who can I call about this?
  6. Can anyone recommend a good honest person who does air conditioner work?
  7. Has anyone used the one in Cartersville?
  8. My daughter and son-in-law have been foster parents for several years and love it.They have adopted one and fixing to adopt another.Them and their kids love everyone of them.They take them on outings and to church every sunday.The little boy they adopted can't hear nothing.They even get some of the ones they use to foster on the weekends.They make wonderful foster parents.When they go back home they miss them like crazy but they are still able to hear from most of them.They truly had a calling for this because they show them lots of love and we do too.
  9. Wheres the best wings in dallas or hiram?
  10. Does anyone know the recipe that calls for ground beef,velvetta cheese and rotel tomatoes and I don't know what else?Also I don't know how much it calls for.
  11. They all deserve it.We were there the night they won the World Series.
  12. Thank goodness I love Sam Clark Wouldn'.t use any other funeral home in Paulding.I was a nurse at Paulding for 12 years and he was super nice.
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