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  1. Definitely review the contract carefully. And it could save you a lot of hassle and money later to spend a little to have an attorney review it up front. I have handled situation where people had signed contracts that had them on the hook for un-godly amounts of money, and this is definitely a situation where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Educate yourselves beforehand!
  2. Check the traffic before you go, but unless there is a major problem, use 316. If there is a problem on 316, there are back ways through lawrenceville that are still faster than going out 20 through conyers. I tried all sorts of ways back and forth while i was in school out there, and the longest possible drive was always out 20.
  3. I love egg salad with cucumber on it, on soft white bread. It's easy and cheap! I usually cut off the crust and cut the sandwiches into four squares. Make sure the cucumber slices are centered on the four corners of the bread, so each quarter has a whole slice on it.
  4. Thanks smb... I really appreciate that! themetcalfs... I'll be in the office on Monday if you'd like to give me a call. We can hopefully find a time to meet that won't have you missing work, and I'll see what I can do to help you out. Do call St. Vincent de Paul on Monday, but also check with Westridge Church, because I know they often help people in the community, and I also saw a lot of places that are giving out food this week. There was a post here on pcom, and I saw one or two churches had signs out while I was driving down 92 toward D'ville today, so look for those. Above all, keep your chin up. These situations can be heartbreaking, but it sounds like you're much better off without him.
  5. Congratulations to the Davis family! What a blessing. I hope they plan ahead and use it wisely, and avoid the demise of so many lottery winners.
  6. I second that! Alas, I will never be a morning person.
  7. I always wished I had that kind of patience and faith, no to mention the ability to keep my mouth shut no matter what I might be thinking.
  8. Worked late, so i had to throw something together last minute. Grilled a London broil, served with broccoli, rice and garlic toast. It did the job! Everyone left the table happy. So glad we decided not to eat out and throw away a bunch of money on some mediocre food.
  9. This event should be fantastic! Even if you're not walking, there will lots of activities. Take the family out for some fun this Saturday!
  10. I think the offender is registered if the victim is more than 4 years younger than the offender. That makes it a felony, and that's probably why he is on the list. The offender list is watched very closely, and those on the list have to report to the PCSO on a regular basis, so I think it's pretty accurate. True, there are people on there for a variety of offenses, but you can click on the details and see what there offense was. Bottom line, be aware of your surrounding and keep tabs on your kids. Just because someone is registered at an address doesn't mean he's not and about and up to no good. It also doesn't mean there's not dozens more that aren't on the list because they haven't been caught.
  11. The problem with these types of laws is proving that the driver was using the phone. It's not illegal to hold a phone up to your ear, and without the phone records, the police can't prove that the person was actually using the phone to make a phone call. But, seeing a driver with a phone up to his ear is enough probable cause to issue a ticket, and most people are going to just pay it, which means big bucks for the city. Not to mention, it now gives officers another visual clue to use to pull someone over, which can lead to all sorts of other charges. Once the money starts rolling in, I think we'll start seeing a lot more towns and counties do the same thing.
  12. My Dad uses a soaker hose, and he put it on a timer that hooks up to the spigot. That might be a great option for her, so it just goes on automatically.
  13. If someone enters a plea, and they qualify otherwise, the judge can, in his discretion, sentence them under first offender. When they complete probation, their record gets wiped clean, and they can honestly say they haven't been convicted of a crime, and even the arrest shouldn't show up on their history, except for law enforcement purposes. In very rare instances, I have even seen a person sentenced under first offender after being convicted at a trial. It's a great way to keep your record clean, but then you're entering a guilty plea to a felony, likely on probation for several years, likely have higher fines, and if you mess up at all, even a speeding ticket, the judge can adjudicate you guilty and then it's all on your record. It's a huge risk for someone to take. I think the better option is the pre-trial diversion.
  14. What an awesome opportunity for anyone considering chiropractic care!
  15. The pre-trial diversion program is a contract between the state and each defendant that says the state will dismiss the pending charges if certain conditions are met. If any defendant does not complete the conditions (ie, doesn't pay fines, restitution, complete community service), then that person will be terminated from the pre-trial diversion program and the case will be referred back to DA to proceed with prosecution. If the defendant completes all conditions, including not getting any more charges during the 12-month program, then the DA will dismiss the charges. The arrest will remain on their criminal records, and the case will show as being dismissed pursuant to completion of Pre-trial diversion. So, it will continue to show on their record, and they can't explain it away will some story, because it will clearly show that they completed pre-trial diversion. As far as the questions about first-offender, as some guessed, that only applies in situations where there is a conviction entered. A pre-trial diversion contract does not require any guilty plea or conviction.
  16. It is not uncommon for both driver's to get cited in the same incident. From what you described, the charge is valid. However, you might have some wiggle room to get it reduced to a no-point violation. Make sure that your insurance company pays for the damages, and get proof to take to court. Let me know if I can assist in any way. Good luck!
  17. The $300 administration fee is probably for the time spent by the SO's and DA's offices. At $300 each, that's a pretty good chunk of change. You don't normally see that with a pre-trial diversion. All things considered, it's a fair resolution. The only downside is that the DA is not allowing the arrest to be expunged, so that's always going to show on their record, and they are going to be explaining that for the rest of their lives!
  18. What school does your daughter attend?
  19. Even a misdemeanor conviction can have lasting consequences for these kids. I'm guessing they all get a chance to participate in a diversion program, which won't result in a conviction, but the conditions are likely to be extensive.
  20. I'm also Catholic, so feel free to message me if you haven't found someone to answer your questions yet.
  21. I caved to my husband's insistent requests... pizza is on the way to our door! He was raised on Friday night pizza nights, but we haven't had pizza in months. Usually I make my own. I'd better starting making pizza again on Friday nights, or I may have a mutiny on my hands.
  22. And Johnny's has lots more than just pizza. Their calzones are great. They have several pasta dishes, great wings, and even a good garden salad.
  23. My son has a form of eczema. All the boys in our family have it, going back generations. We used Eucerin when he was younger, but one time we were traveling and forget to pack it, and we couldn't find it locally, and ended up getting Jergen's ultra-moistering. It has worked much better for him than the Eucerin ever did. As long as he uses it ever day, he usually is fine. He also uses is more if he's been swimming in the summer, because the chlorine makes it so much worse, or if it's really cold in the winter, because the central heat makes it worse too. ALSO, checking for allergies might not be a bad idea. He has a ton of them, and is now being treated for those too, which could be part of why his skin is doing better. Good luck finding something that works. I hated watching him when he got miserable from it, and I'm glad we've found something that works for him.
  24. I appreciate your position, but I think it could still be a bit sketchy as far as a search warrant. A lot would depend on if Bubba ever actually went up there and bought meth, how long ago it was, etc. Otherwise, you would have a cop asking for a search warrant based on an pretty unreliable CI (which Bubba would probably be considered), telling the cop that someone told him something about committing a crime. A few levels of hearsay there. But, the real point is, if he had opened his mouth, police could have checked the location, and seen something was afoot, and maybe stopped it from ending quite so tragically. Bubba probably should have realized that things were gonna go real bad when they went in with guns blazing, but then again, Bubba doesn't strike me as the most thoughtful sorta fella. That's how he ends up as a conspirator in this fictional scenario - sheer dumb luck! But he's still guilty! P.S. It's kinda fun playing juror, since I'll probably never ever get to actually sit on one!
  25. If going to law school was cheating, does that mean I don't have to finish paying those student loans????
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