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  1. I could care less but I doubt they'll let the Falcons go, they're one of Atlanta's big money makers. We shall see what happens!
  2. Just wanted to know is a store allowed to charge 10 extra cents on the Dallas New Era? Everyone around sells for 25 cents except one store VERY close by that is selling it for 35 cents. Just curious.
  3. Got the paper from my son's school today just letting me know he taught there and resigned March 2012 and stating there are no indications that misconduct occurred at any of the schools he was assigned. I just don't understand why adults would find kids appealing. It's sickening. No clue. I guess because no one ever reported any problems.
  4. This is insane. We have the same letter. Pure bull.
  5. Last I heard about OG was that they were looking at putting one next to Hooters where Huey Luey's is now but they decided against it because they would need more parking then what was offered there. I've never ate OG but wouldn't mind trying just once. We've been to Olive Tree a couple times. Love that place! Even my 7year old & 4 year old love it. They usually get the kids pizza & my DS eats all of his & my DD eats maybe half then is full :-) Try it if you have not already ;-) They may like the one in VR better because it has Dinner Theater! I sooo want to go one day! H
  6. Thank you Sgt. Gurley for responding! Glad they were caught!
  7. Yay Hiram isn't on it! Douglasville K-Mart sucks. Glad they're closing! The employees there are jerks.
  8. Neither do I. The Dallas-Hiram patch says that guy was arrested Tuesday. :-( Thank you though.
  9. Yeah, you don't see that many in one place very much unless something major has happened. :-(
  10. Can someone tell me what happened today at the daycare on Bus. 6? It is the daycare beside where the army surplus store is/was. We passed by this afternoon around 2 something and there were all kinds of cops, a fire rescue truck, and an ambulance. Hope everyone is okay.
  11. I am loving that show!!
  12. Mind me asking what was wrong with your explorer? I doubt I can even get $1500 for my van! It is a '98 Chrysler Town & Country. Needs a catalytic converter, a new windshield, the headline has come undone in some places, the seat adjuster panel has come off the seat, we have electrical tape holding the front end from the flood, passenger window does not work (that stopped working day we bought it), heat & air only works on max, and it is pouring power steering fluid. We're having to put a bottle of power steering fluid in it every day. So unfortunately I don't even know of any dealers t
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