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  1. Why wouldn't that work? Both the defense and the prosecution stated that she had imaginary made up friends. I am sure with any name she would have come up with the police could have found a person with that name.
  2. See, doesn't that make you wonder about all of them? My neighbor growing up did.
  3. My apologies if you did not intend it to sound like a slam against him. I might have read too much into it just going by the entire thread.
  4. Harsh. Didn't he get his GED and serve in our military? Graduate college and go to law school? He did his job whether you like the outcome or not.
  5. No the judge said she will not still be in jail on the 25 of August for the money hearing. He said she will be out end of July beginning of August.
  6. She is just as you see her, and I am not sure about her winning every case. I do not think she has. I do know that her behavior as a prosecutor has been called into question by the Georgia Supreme Courts while she was still practicing.
  7. She doesn't just walk the streets. She darts into them, hits cars, etc etc etc.... Don't make it that she is just a law abiding citizen like you just riding or walking along.
  8. You are right. Many do not know Flag Etiquette and how classy of you to apologize. (Though you did not need to. I do realize you were just trying to educate about using a flag and I was just trying to put out there that is was an actual flag that could not be used. )
  9. Doesn't that mean an actual flag in regards to not wearing it? I believe it does. (Like flag bunting sold for decor, flag shirts are sold to wear. You are not to use an actual flag) Many of the men and women of the different veterans associations wear "flag" things. Hats, scarves, shirts and I know for a fact they are not disrespecting the flag. Some of this men and women gave their sons, daughters, and body parts to war. I feel bad for the op. She was just trying to make something cute for a child after seeing it posted in another topic.
  10. I agree with you. I think the whole thing is as bizarre as it gets. The lawyer is a joke and not providing adequate representation by any means.The judge does not seem unbiased. The family has come across to me from the beginning as a bunch of liars. Including mom and dad. Dad gives me the creeps when he would visit Casey alone and start off with. "Hello beautiful, how are you?" and she would get all giggly. I know most everyone here believes Casey did it and believes Casey should fry, but as of now I can not go there.I do believe she is a pathological liar, but I have not been shown be
  11. Doubtful. Have you ever been to an Academy Sports? Their items are name brand and very good prices. We purchased a coleman stove there cheaper then Home Depot. You can get stuff for every sport and all outdoor activities that can not be found anywhere else in this area. Plus the sitting empty for a year and a half comment (Surepip) How do you know Academy is not paying the landlord now? You never know what deal was made for them to be able to get the space they wanted.
  12. When I was in England I had a candy bar called Curly Whirly (or close to that) that tasted like a Marathon bar.
  13. Once deleted messages are unable to be retrieved. Per FaceBook.
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